William Taylor


Descendants of William Taylor

  Generation No. 1


1.  WILLIAM1 TAYLOR born:1715 NJ  died 1783 in Fredrick Co. Va.  He married SENOR. 

 Note: Senor is believed to be William's Indian wife. Searching for proof of  this.



2.                 i.       DANIEL2 TAYLOR, b. 1748, NJ; d. 1840, Montgomery Co. Missouri.

                  ii.       WILLIAM TAYLOR, b. 1737

                iii.       ZAPORAH TAYLOR, b. 1746

               iv.       DANIEL TAYLOR    b. 1748 NJ    died 1840 Mo.

               v.      SARAH TAYLOR   b. 1753

              vi.      HANNAH TAYLOR   b. 1753

             vii.      JENNETT TAYLOR    b. 1756

             viii.     ELIZABETH TAYLOR    b. 1760

SOURCE:  Taylor Family Information - compiled by Warren D. Morrison, email: morrison@hcnews.com

" The William Taylor family lived about four miles away, in Clear Brook,Fredrick County, Virginia. family members included DANIEL TAYLOR, JENNETT TAYLOR AND ELIZABETH TAYLOR. Daniel left Fredrick County about 1773 for the "Little Levels" area of present day Mill Point, Pocahontas County,West Virginia."

    Taylor Family Information from Tom Stephenson by way of Nancy Taylor( Nettie, WV) includes Daniel taylor's brothers and sisters. William married Rachel Thompson; Zeporah ; Daniel; (twins) Sarah & Hannah; Jennett ( male) and Elizabeth.

Generation No. 2


2.  DANIEL2 TAYLOR (WILLIAM1) was born 1748 in NJ, and died 1840 in Montgomery Co. Missouri.  He married MARY KACKLEY 1773 in Augusta Co. Va. 



3.                 i.    ELI3 TAYLOR, b. 1776, Augusta Co. Va.; d. Aft. 1840, Nicholas Co. WV.    married Margaret Woods

                   ii.    SOLOMON TAYLOR,   b. 1778   d. 1845 Greenbrier Co. Va.     married Eliza Wetzel

                  iii.     MARY TAYLOR,    

                  iv.    WILLIAM TAYLOR,    b. 1774  Augusta Co. Va.  d.                   married Mary Burrell

   NOTES:  NICHOLAS CO WV HISTORY (page 321) : "Daniel Taylor was born in NJ 1748, and died in Missouri 1840. He grew up near Winchester, Va. and lived there until his first marriage 1773, when he and his wife, Mary moved to greenbrier Co. va. Daniel fought at Point Pleasant in the conflict many historians consider the first battle of the Revolutionary War. From 1776-1782 he served the Virginia Continental Line at Fort Defiance.

                        Daniel was late inreturning from the war. His wife ,thinking him dead, remarried William Ewing. Daniel came home to find his wife with another man. Records can be found in Bath Co. Virginia when Mary Taylor was charged with intermarrying. The case was dismissed in 1793. Daniel left for Kentucky to join his brother William.  In Barnstown, Kentucky Daniel is found married a second time and with a second family.   Email me for further details at bj04@attbi.com


  Generation No. 3


3.  ELI3 TAYLOR (DANIEL2, WILLIAM1) was born 1776 in Augusta Co. Va., and died Aft. 1840 in Nicholas Co. WV.  He married MARGARET WOODS 1800 in Greenbrier Co. Va., daughter of STEPHEN WOODS and NANCY.  She was born 1784 in Greenbrier Co. Virginia, and died Aft. 1860 in Nicholas Co. WV.


Notes for ELI TAYLOR:

Eli Taylor ,s/o Daniel & Mary Taylor, born abt 1776 in Greenbrier Co. Va. He lived with his mother in the Mill Point-Swago area of then Greenbrier Co. (W)Va,now Pocahontas Co. (W)Va. Eli moved to present day Nicholas Co. WV abt 1803. He is listed on the tax list of Greenbrier Co. He is living at the mouth of the Cramberry in the Gauley River and here he kept a flatboat raft to cross footman or swim horsesby. Eli and Margaret had 10 children, according to the 1920 Federal Census of Nicholas Co. (W)Va.Eli died sometime after 1840 as he is not listed with his family in the 1850 census of Nicholas Co.. Margaret lived with her youngest son Solomon until her death in the 1860's.


Children of ELI TAYLOR and MARGARET WOODS are:

4.                 i.       STEPHEN4 TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1801, Greenbrier Co. Va.; d. 1880, Nicholas Co. WV.  married Melinda Williams

                   ii.       TAYLOR, b. 1803.

5.               iii.       SARAH ANN TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1804, va.; d. Unknown.

                  iv.       TAYLOR, b. 1806.

6.                v.       NATHANIEL K. TAYLOR, b. 1808, Greenbrier Co. Va.; d. 1872, Greenbrier Co. Va..    Married Jane "Jennie" Wilson

                  vi.       TAYLOR, b. 1810.

                 vii.       TAYLOR, b. 1812.

                 viii.       MALINDA TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1816; m. JOSEPH RHODES, August 18, 1838, Nicholas Co. WV.

                  ix.       TAYLOR, b. 1818.

                   x.       SOLOMON TAYLOR, b. 1820, Nicholas Co. WV; m. (1) NANCY E. CLEMONS; m. (2) JANE CORNELL, February 03, 1857, Nicholas Co. WV.

NOTE:  Eli Taylor was the first Taylor to appear in what is today Nicholas Co. WV. He was showen on the 1807 tax list. Eli was living at the mouth of the Cranberry on Gauley River in 1816 and kept a canor or flatboat to cross footman or swim horses across.



Generation No. 4


4.  STEPHEN4 TAYLOR (ELI3, DANIEL2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1801 in Greenbrier Co. Va., and died 1880 in Nicholas Co. WV.  He married MELINDA WILLIAMS 1826 in Nicholas Co. WV, daughter of HUGH WILLIAMS and JANE BELL.  She was born 1809 in Greenbrier Co. Va., and died 1880 in Nicholas Co. WV.



                    i.       MARTHA5 TAYLOR, b. 1827, Nicholas Co. WV; m. NATHAN GROVES, February 17, 1858, Nicholas Co. WV     by Thomas J Reynolds.

                   ii.       SARAH JANE TAYLOR, b. 1829.

                  iii.       HUGH W. TAYLOR, b. 1830, Nicholas Co. WV; m. NANCY C. SPENCER, August 29, 1856, N icholas Co. WV  by William Downtrain.

                  iv.       MARGARET TAYLOR, b. 1833, N icholas Co. WV  by William Downtrain; m. WELLINGTON SPARKS, December 11, 1852, N icholas Co. WV.

7.                v.       CATHERINE TAYLOR, b. July 13, 1834, N icholas Co. WV; d. 1910, Nicholas Co. WVa..

8.               vi.       RUTH TAYLOR, b. 1840, n icholas Co. WV.

                 vii.       ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b. 1842, n icholas Co. WV.

                 viii.       MARY TAYLOR, b. 1844, n icholas Co. WV.



5.  SARAH ANN4 TAYLOR (ELI3, DANIEL2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1804 in va., and died Unknown.  She married (1) SAMUEL DONELLSON.    She married (2) WILLIAM WOODS September 27, 1827 in Nicholas Co. WV. 



                    i.       MARY ANN5 WOODS.

                   ii.       MARTHA MARGARET WOODS.

                  iii.       JOHN DONELLSON WOODS, b. 1842.



6.  NATHANIEL K.4 TAYLOR (ELI3, DANIEL2, WILLIAM1) was born 1808 in Greenbrier Co. Va., and died 1872 in Greenbrier Co. Va..  He married JANE"JENNIE" WILSON 1832 in Nicholas Co. WV.  She was born 1814, and died Abt. 1865.



                    i.       NANCY J.5 TAYLOR, b. 1834, n icholas Co. WV; d. 1915; m. SAMUEL SMITH JOHNSTON, 1832, n icholas Co. WV.

                   ii.       MARTHA TAYLOR, b. 1836, n icholas Co. WV.

                  iii.       JOHN W. TAYLOR, b. 1838, n icholas Co. WV; d. Aft. 1863; m. SARAH JANE DOTSON, January 03, 1861, N icholas Co. WV.

                  iv.       WILLIAM TAYLOR, b. 1840, N icholas Co. WV.

                   v.       ELIZA TAYLOR, b. 1841, N icholas Co. WV; m. ELIJAH LYONS.

                  vi.       SARAH JANE TAYLOR, b. 1843, N icholas Co. WV; d. April 20, 1917, G reenbrier Co. Troat,WV; m. CHARLES SAMUEL LEWIS, March 01, 1871, Greenbrier Co. Va..

                 vii.       SAMUEL W. TAYLOR, b. 1848, N icholas Co. WV; d. 1911, G reenbrier Co. Troat,WV; m. JOANN ELISIA NICELY, January 15, 1872, G reenbrier Co. Troat,WV.

                 viii.       VIRGINIA C. TAYLOR, b. 1854, N icholas Co. WV; d. 1914, G reenbrier Co. Troat,WV; m. (1) CALVIN C. FALKNER; m. (2) WILLIAM J. NICELY; m. (3) ST. CLAIR NICELY.



Generation No. 5


7.  CATHERINE5 TAYLOR (STEPHEN4, ELI3, DANIEL2, WILLIAM1) was born July 13, 1834 in N icholas Co. WV, and died 1910 in Nicholas Co. WVa..  She met (2) JAMES/HENRY DONELLSON, son of JOHN DONALDSON and CHRISTINA CHESIMORE. 



source for births of children taken from the bible of Fidella D. Collins ,d/o Catherine Taylor, and sent to me by Aunt Euva Collins Eskew of Fenwick Mountain just weeks before her death in 1995.



According to Federal Nicholas Co. census 1860-70-80 Catherine Taylor appears in the household of James Donellson.

According to the bible of Fidella D. Donellson Collins, d/o Catherine, the father of Catherine 's children was Henry B. Donellson/Donaldson, who was married to someone else and never married to Catherine. Jim Donellson being mentally slow

and the brother of Henry B.

According to other family members Catherine Taylor was never legally married.

According to Fidella , her father was Andrew Milam of Craigsville,WV. She told her children this sometime before her death in 1936.( we may never know the truth)



                    i.       FIDELLA DOUNTAIN6 MILAM.




                   ii.       MARIAH JANE6 TAYLOR, b. August 17, 1855.

                  iii.       JOHN MICHAEL TAYLOR, b. April 26, 1857, N icholas Co. WV; d. 1919, N icholas Co. WV; m. (1) VIRGINIA MULLINS; m. (2) BELL HOWARD; m. (3) REBECCA WILLIAMS, October 23, 1883, N icholas Co. WV.

                  iv.       ELIZA HUFF TAYLOR, b. June 16, 1863.

9.                v.       FIDELLA DOWNTAIN DONELLSON, b. December 29, 1865, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1936, Nicholas Co. WV.

                  vi.       FRANKLIN STEPHEN DONELLSON, b. November 03, 1867.

                 vii.       ELIZABETH ANN  TAYLOR DONELLSON, b. September 01, 1869.

                 viii.       ABRAHAM SPENCER DONELLSON, b. January 12, 1871.

                  ix.       RUTH LOVELL DONELLSON, b. July 22, 1874.