Shoshone's Family (Siouan and Algonkian)

  1. Me at pow wow representing My Southeastern heritage.
  2. Me at pow wow, us Native women dancers Northern and Southern buckskin
  3. me at pow wow
  4. My Son representing our people at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in NYC.
  5. My son in his ribbon shirt.
  6. Myself in the Black Buffalo shall and My son waving the hat at the American Indian Commnunity Center where we are members.
  7. map of early Anson county where my family lived.
  8. Virginia (Georgia Cherokee) and Myself at Schemitzun 2008.
  9. Myself with Creek and Seminole Men at NMAI pow wow in NY.
  10. Great Pee Dee River. This shot was taken by myself. Some of my Native Ancestors lived here.
  11. NC Indian Map
  12. Peedeerivermap
  13. Tuscarora Drum Group at our tribal pow wow.
  14. My sister and friend Beckee Garris  and Medicine Woman of the Catawba Nation in SC. Grandaughter of Catawba Chief Sam Blue I stayed with Beckee on...
  15. Some Cherokee Dancers at our tribal pow wow. They are from the Eastern band in NC.
  16. Rick Youngblood of the Eastern band at our Pow wow honoring Chief Jimmy Creel of the Edisto with an Eagle feather.
  17. Me and my boyfriend Alain at our tribal pow wow in SC. Marlboro, Chesterfield, Darlington county Pee Dee Indian Tribe last year.
  18. My son Ratu in his ribbon shirt.
  19. Me in a buffalo shawl at the National Museum of the American Indian in NYC of which I am a member.
  20. James Marshall, Nephew of Darnetta Bennett Owens and son of her sister Emma Marshall of Macfarlan, NC
  21. George Coppedge, My mother's Paternal Grandfather. Son of Patience Coppedge, Native/Black and Dr. Charles Coppedge, White. Anson county. He was born...
  22. Me Shoshone.
  23. My Ancestor, Maternal Great Grandmother's sister.  Darnetta Bennett Owens. Only photo we had. Descended from the Chowanoc Bennett's line, Pee Dee,...
  24. Uncle Ira Owens and wife Lounez. Son of Darnetta Bennett Owens. Resided and died in Anson County, NC
  25. My mom Olivia Pegues. Nice of Darnetta Bennett Owens and Grand daughter of her sister Kila Bennett Leak. Born in Anson County, NC
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