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02-04-2002, 03:25 PM
My name is Lynne...I'm digging for buried family. I have found the Melungeon connection thru surnames:Collins,Bennett,Cook,Caldwell
Looking for: Scotts,Nichols,Webb,Hayes

Family migrated from Penn into W.Virginia...into Ohio where they keep all info hidden from me. They ended up In the Green County Area. I have made the Cherokee connection. I also am fairly certain of a Saponi connection. Where can I find more info on surnames? On Greene Co. Ohio? I discovered in looking for the Williamson's that they changed the name from Wilson!! That's a new revelation!! Those folks seemed to have lived in Kansas.
I found a relative Jemima Crull buried in an Indian burial ground in Kansas and never put the two together! Any help would be so appreciated!


02-04-2002, 05:55 PM
Dear Lynn,
There are many Scotts who migrated from the Virginia/ Carolina Piedmont in the early 1800's. The family history tells of the journey what I believe to be the Kanawha River to the Ohio River. Most Scotts came into Lawrence and Gallia Counties in Ohio first. These counties are on the river. After entering Ohio they then migrated further north and west or north and east. Check Ross County, Ohio for your line.
From which Scott are you a descendant?
Greene County might have a great deal of info on the Scotts, however, I feel that the family has even more than the library.
Most of the info that I have on the Scotts deal with the descendants of Jefferson Scott and Caroline Hockaday. Let me know if I can help.

01-14-2010, 02:19 PM
My Scotts have intermarried on three sides of the family. There is a Scott Cemetary in Butler county which is Scott Cemetary. I know I don't have much info & what I do have people have spent lifetimes covering up.
John Scott b.1728 d.1810 Butler Co. James Scott,b1771 Susquehanna Penn. Married Rebecca Elliott b.1735 d.1813. Robert Scott Jan.1802 m. Mary Ritchey 1769 d.1856. There is a Robert Ritchey unk. Then Robert Scott's daughter Rebecca Jane Scott b.1834. Looks like Rebecca's mother was Agnes Nancy Jane Herron 1808 Butler county. Her mother was Agnes Nancy Johnson b.1767 d. 1837 in Virginia. According to my Grandmothers Kramers record Agnes Johnson. This is where things get really interesting. My gedcom shows Rebecca Scott m. to John Robert Williamson however, my Grandmother Kramers letters say that she was married to Benjamin Williamson which is correct according to the rest of the letter. Now grandma Kramer states her grandmother was Eleanor Scott dtr. of Richard Scott & her mother was Ann Steele. Richard & Robert were brothers so that made her grandfather a cousin.....Benjamin Williamson was John Williamson's son. I believe that this is where the attempt began to bury the information. Needless to say I have folders of information. All people are on the migration lists & match the Shawnee & Saponi pattern. All of the information is contained in letters my Grandmother wrote to my cousin Marsha Wynn & goes way back to the 1700's & written like a novel! It's insane. Then her mother was Kate Nichols & we go into more buried treasure. It is so hard to try to post this mess!


01-14-2010, 02:21 PM
Sorry, I forgot to say that they were in Xenia Ohio & Cedarville and all ended up in Greene & Butler county.