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03-21-2002, 08:52 AM
Hi everybody! Linda, Carieswater anybody is there a Saponi/ Blackfoot community in Iowa, because in that artical I sent to you about Joseph Garfield it says that my Grandma Mary Little was a resident of Iowa in her 76 year that Artical was from a book published I think around 1884 The History Of Wyandot County. She is the one that was Suponias Mother inlaw the one I told you on my family tree said Blackfoot. I am asking because I saw that -cr21- on the Saponi web site has family out there. My grandmothers children all stayed in Ohio I think, I cant figure out why she would have moved there. Unless she was going to live on a res or something after my grandpa passed. Also I went to the Library last night and started looking at the history of the counties and towns where each of my Grandparents were living ore had lived... Stark county, Mercer County, Columbiana County & Wyandot County Ohio all had a decent size community of Seneca, SHawnee, Potowatamie, Miami, Delaware, Wyandot and so forth indian populations right around or just before the removal of the Wyandots to Oklahoma. If you look at a map of Ohio Mercer is all the way to the west border. Wyandot is central and Columbiana is at the East border almost in a direct straight line. Stark county is where canton ohio is I think that is north I am not recolecting it's locality.
Ok I am starting to ramble, so I will talk to you soon!

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Brenda Collins Dillon
03-21-2002, 09:22 AM
Here's another that ended up in Iowa:

BRADLEY2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1786 in NC, and died Aft. 1844 in Appanoose Co. ,IA. He married (1) JANE RAY 1817 in Orange Co. NC. He married (2) CATHERINE BARNEY July 28, 1831 in Clay Co. Ky. He married (3) BETSY GRIFFIN February 16, 1833 in Clay Co. Ky. He married (4) ELIZABETH LUNSFORD September 05, 1836 in Clay Co. KY.

Bradley Collins (1787-185?) was born in NC, possibly in Orange co. He
was a farmer by occupation, but also followed other pursuits. He
migrated to Russell Co., VA, with his parents between 1796 and 1799.
About 1811, Bradley followed his father, Meredith, to Floyd Co., KY.

The Floyd Co. 1820 Census shows that Bradley, in addition to himself
and his wife, had one male and two females under the age of fourteen in
his household. The male was his son, Andrew. Later census records show
additional children.

About 1826[?], he (Bradley) moved to Clay Co., KY. While in Clay Co.,
Andrew married Betsy Ann Sizemore, Mar.. 31, 1838. He sold his land in
1839, and shortly afterwards, he and his family, Andrew and his wife and
son, Lewis, traveled by flat boat down the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers to
Missouri.{{They left because in Clay Co. Ky he became involved with cousins...from the line of David 1750....in a murder }} They were in Carroll Co., MO, in 1840, but later settled
near Keytesville, Chariton Co., MO. It was here that Bradley received a
land grant in May of 1841. Bradley and Andrew raised and sold crops of
corn, cotton, and tobacco.

About 1844, Bradley and Andrew sold their land in Missouri, and moved to
Centerville, Appanoose Co., Iowa, on the Chariton River. They farmed in
addition to running a ferry across the Chariton River. Andrew (1811-ca.
1873) was living in 1850 in Appanoose Co., Iowa Census, with his family,
Betsy Ann (wife). Lewis, Samson, Archibald, and Polly Ann, and his
father Bradley, age 63, born in North Carolina.

Bradley died in either Appanoose Co., Iowa, or Hancock Co., Illinois.
About 1856, Andrew moved to Warsaw, Hancock Co., IL, where Polly Ann,
his daughter, attended her first year in school. About 1859, Andrew
moved to Marion Co., MO. The 1860 Census shows the following additional
family members: Eliza, age 9, and Eli, age 5. They were both born in
Iowa. Andrew and Betsy's sons, Samson, Lewis, and Archibald were
veterans of the Civil War.

It is really strange how my Collins keeps showing up everywhere.

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03-21-2002, 09:41 AM
Mrs. Patino on an old war book of 1812 is found with Ockquenoxy Town in Putnam County, Ohio, FYI Shelby County, Ohio is < than 45 miles away. Linda or Barry can explain who lived in Ockquenoxy Town, knowing the Sappony were documented in this area in 1761.

03-21-2002, 10:13 AM
Thanks Guys! I think I need to actualy take my maps and buy some pushpins so I can maybe start seeing a migration of some kind do any of you have something like that if so I would Love to have a copy! Yea it is kind of strange. You ever get one of those e-mails that asks you who more than anyone dead or alive would you like to meet? I always say my Grandmothers. Nobody famous or anything just my grammy's. Yea the artical does not say where in Iowa just that it is Iowa she was 76 years old and she is burried in Upper Sandusky. So maybe it was family but who knows.

03-23-2002, 03:02 AM
Hey MrsPatino. There are Saponi/Eastern Sioux here in Iowa. Well over 200-300 of them are my family, 50 of them my cousins. We are the Collins, Boyd, Meade, Murray, Gist, and many others.Most of them live in central Iowa. Have any of these names in your family or heard them before? My moms family the Evans, Adams, Floyd and Wheelers live in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

I will put my pics on here asap!!

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03-24-2002, 07:12 PM
NO the Mary Little that I have her mothers maiden name was Hoke and her children did not have any of the names listed, I have never heard any of those names from my Dad before either unfortunetly. But Boyd is one of the names that is in that cemetary, Linda gave me a small list of names that she thought would help every last name she gave me was there in that cemetary same area that my grandparents are in, the names were Wall, Hall, Boyd, Boone, Clark. I think I am forgetting one. I dont know I feel like I am in a mystery Novel half the time. I could not find anything about Mary Little passing in Iowa just an artical that she was living there at the age of 76 no town or nothin. AHAHAHAH frustrating!

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