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09-30-2006, 08:27 PM
Hey there Everyone:
I'm not sure if this is "current" but has to do with history and is an online exhibit at the Smithsonian.

It is Lakota Winter Counts....they talk about Winter Counts (fascinating) and show it online. HOwever, there is a section (brief) that talks about origins of Siouan nations near Great Lakes etc.

Also has some words you can see are similar to Saponi/Tutelo.

Here is link


(Also I noted as kid...if anyone remembers in Little House books (they are based on true stories...books better than tv show) in The Hard Winter
a Native man (guessing Dakota...since they were in "Dakota territory" in book)
came and said every 7th winter hard and every 21st hardest.
I was (as a kid) cool! how does he know???
WEll here you go, winter counts! (which I just became familiar with in last year

Wow...anyways...there are lots of resources here

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