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Brenda Collins Dillon
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Spencer Perry Collins made his way upstream, between 1865 and 1869, with his wife and two of his 12 children in tow, from Paintville, Johnson Co, Kentucky all the way to Kingston, Meeker Co, MN. The trip must have taken a LONG time since they had another child along the way, birthplace is listed as Ohio River, Illinois. I am waiting to hear from one of my Kentucky cousins for all the facts.

Family lore has it that in 1869, Spencer Perry and Eliza Goble Collins moved from Johnson County, Kentucky to Meeker County, Minnesota. They floated their possesions down Cripple Creek to the Big Sandy River. There they reloaded onto a flat boat which mules pulled down river to Cincinnati, Ohio. From there they went by Steamboat on the Ohio River to the Mississippi River and north to Clearwater, Minnesota. Here they unloaded and moved to Kingston, Minnesota in Meeker County. It was aboard the steamboat on the Ohio River in Illinois the Eliza Gobel Collins gave birth to William Marion Collins on January 22, 1869.

1870 Meeker Co Minnesota
(I so far have only looked at New Virginia)
#41 William Collins 30 b.VA, Mary Jane 26 b. Ky
John W. 8 b.Ky; Nancy 6 b.Ky; William E. 4 b.MN; Taylor I. 1 b. MN.
(William Collins married 4-18-1861 Pike Co Ky Polly J. Hurley d/o Wm) - #60 William Hurley age 47 b. Ky; Isabelle 46 b.Va; Nancy 18 b.Ky; Miriam 16 b.Ky; Elizabeth 12 b. Ky; Alfred 4 b.Mn (William Hurley and family is #723 in 1860 Pike Co Ky)
#42 Isham Collins 46 b. VA; Sarah 45 b.Va; Mary 19, Annie 17; Lucy 15; Arminta 12; Eliza 11; Isham 9 (all ch b. Va)
#43 Edward Collins age 21 b.Va(only one in household)

Appears Collins "appeared" in MN about 1863 - the War could very easy have been the reason for the re-location.


My ancestors Isaac Roberts b. ca1800 and Dorcas Mullens Kelley Roberts b.ca1794 had a close association to the Collins - Edward Collins had a daughter Arminta b. ca1838 that married John Preston Roberts in 1859 McDcDowell Co (W)Va a son of Isaac and Dorcas Roberts. Isaac and Dorcas Roberts also had a daughter Dicy Roberts b. ca1834 - we find her in the 1870 Floyd Co Ky census: Dicy Roberts 44 b.Va; Louisa 16 b. Va; Arminda 14 b. Va; Pricy E. 12 b. Ky; Isom 9 b.Ky; James E. 6 b. Ky; Mary J. 3 b. Ky; Dorcas 70 b. Va....Dicy married 1872 in Wise Co Va Jacob Johnson - and this famil appears in the 1880 Lincoln Co WV census: Jacob JOhnson 69; Dicy 46; Isom Collins 21; James H. Collins 13; Mary Collins 11; Martha Johnson 8; Preston John 5, Elgen Thomberland 26 son in law; Arminta Thomberland 23 step daughter.
"Isham Roberts s/o Isham and Dicie Roberts Collins b. 1861 Martin Co Ky came to Lincoln Co WV in 1877. His mother resides in Lincoln Co but his father is in Minnesota"
"Elizabeth J. d/o Isham and Dicy Johnson Collins b. 1855 Ky m. 1872 Buchanan Co VA James P. Mullens"
I rather suspect Sarah and Dicy to be sisters - I thought Sarah deceased then Isham married Dicy and then he left for Minnesota but Seems he took Sarah and left Dicy.
When you look at the 1870 Census - the same children seem to appear in both households .

Kingston, Meeker Co; Sebeka, Wadena Co, MN; Cass Co; Crow Wing Co; and Hubbard Co.MN

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