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10-10-2002, 08:02 PM
The DNA test on Melungeons is finished. What they found is genetic matches to not only White, Native American, and African but also Turkish, Syrian, and north Indian (like the Roma or Gypsies) ancestry.

10-11-2002, 09:38 PM
One of those shows on the origins of humankind had a little segment on genetic testing. They used the mitochondrial DNA test at the University of Chicago on a random group of 14 people. Two people in the group came from the same mitochondrial "mother." (Mitochondrial DNA is carried on the mother's line and mutates only once every 20,000 years. There's only a small number of variations worldwide.) A full-blooded, first generation Greek lady and a full-blooded Navajo (I think Navajo) man. They both had mitochondria from the Siberian "mother." It was surmised that she had ancestors who had migrated west from Sibera, he had ancestors who had migrated east from Sibera.

On hearing that, I've wondered about the melungeon blood tests. I think I need to know more about the kind of results that show up in American populations in general, and worldwide populations, before I'll be ready to draw conclusions.

I heard from someone in that group doing the melungeon DNA that they also tested a sample of pure Mohawks and they came up uniformly for the mediterranean 'mother,' Xenon. He thinks there was movement into the Americas from the mediterranean during the Ice Age.

Nobody was here testing the populations' DNA prior to contact, so we have no idea what we would have seen. And who knows who was where in the Ice Age? The mitochondrial theorists are sure that the earliest mitochondrial DNA was in Africa, but personally, I don't understand it well enough to be able to critique the theory. We're left just trusting the "experts." One thing I learned in the Philosophy of Science is that there is only one "truth" in science -- there are NO "truths," just theories.