View Full Version : Tutelo village site in Ithaca, New York

Barbara Adair Bauer
03-17-2010, 10:20 AM
A local brewery in Ithaca is planning a large expansion, possibly where the Tutelo lived when they moved to New York.


This may actually be a good thing - people here are very preservation-minded. I bet anthropologists and local historians all over the area are excited. Up to now no one has been sure exactly where the village, Coreogonel, was, since the previous land owner wouldn't let researchers look. This is less than a mile from Tutelo Park, where the Native American Homecoming Festival has been held the past several years in September.

The Tutelo lived here from roughly 1753 to 1779, when the Sullivan expedition drove all the Iroquois and allied tribes out of New York. About eight miles up the valley is Pony Hollow, formerly Saponey Hollow, where the Saponi lived.