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09-26-2014, 03:03 PM
Sharing this announcement regarding the formation of a new 'Nomad Band' from the Saponi United group on Facebook:

For the last year, I have spent much time in contemplation and prayer regarding my role as a member of the Saponi Nation. God, Our Creator has given me a vision/mission to accomplish on behalf of the Saponi People. That mission being the establishment of a new Saponi tribe, along with a Saponi settlement. This Tribe will be a Tribe unlike any other Saponi Tribe currently existing. It will be dedicated to the reconstitution and survival of the Saponi Nation. It will be for those Saponi who do not have a home with any of the established tribes or are geographically located in other parts of the country. As many of our People have been scattered into the four winds as Nomads, our goal shall be to reconnect and bring our people together, especially those of us on the west coast. Therefore, I formally announce the creation of:


We will be headquartered here in California and already have a prospective property in mind to build a settlement on.
A few things I would like to make clear:

1. I will continue to be the Administrator of Saponi United. I feel it is very important to keep this site going for all Saponi People.
2. As many of you know, I am an enrolled member of the Saponi Nation of Ohio. Per the SNO bylaws, I will continue to be an enrolled member and will continue to help them in any way I can.
3. Most importantly, I wish it be known that I am not starting a new tribe because I have a problem with the Saponi Nation of Ohio or any of it's members. The Saponi Nation of Ohio is a great tribe and a great bunch of people! I am merely following the path the Creator has given me.

*I would like to thank all those, Elders and other people, who have so graciously given me advice in regard to this issue.


11-07-2014, 11:15 AM
Where in California Dale Yeagley (dstrait) was scoping out for the Nomad Band of the Saponi Nation

11-14-2014, 10:07 AM
DStrait's reply got lost due to some technical difficulties with the site so reposting it here:

The new Saponi Tribe will be located in Northern California. More specifically, in
Calaveras County, outside of the old gold mining town of Mokelumne Hill. This
is a small rural county in the foothills, much like the Saponi ancestrial lands
back east. This county is a 1 1/2 hours from Sacramento, 2-3 hours from the San
Francisco bay area and 2 hours from Lake Tahoe. It would be a good location
overall and to conduct the Tribe's business. As we have Saponi in both NO and
SO CAL, I think it would be a good central location in the State. Let me know
if you have any more questions regarding the Tribe.