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04-04-2002, 10:21 AM
Please can someone help me find out the real mission or cause? I went to this emergency meeting in Gibbertsville, PA. lasted month.
One of my mothers aunts told her that this Ani-Giduhwa indian group is giving away land and low interest rate housing. But,you have fill out this long application. At the meeting Chief Tenbear told us that we are all related and he has proof. He said that the Stills are related to the Cannons and so on etc.
Who's this Ani-Giduhwa group? They need members very bad.What's the benefit by recruiting members if they're not state or federally recognize? If anyone wants a application for this group, let me know I will send it via fax.Any answer will be gladly appreciated.email TenbearsUtlvta@aol.com Web Page:www.Ani-Giduhwa.com

04-05-2002, 10:45 AM
We just met an incredibly knowledge Cherokee man who said he was what sounds to me like Kutoua. I don't know the spelling, so it looks like your Giduha would be the same group. I will ask him for information. If anybody in this world knows what's up with these folks, I imagine it will be him. I will see him tomorrow and will talk to him about this. I'll try printing this out and taking it with me.

You are right to be cautious. We've just been involved in a very troublesome situation with an imposter mucking about on an ego trip that has created a situation that may damage a lot of innocent people's credibility or worse.

04-05-2002, 04:25 PM
Oops. Just remembered, he's not coming tomorrow. I'd forward this url onto him.

vance hawkins
06-21-2002, 09:17 AM
If anyone wants to get involved with this group -- PLEASE know that you will never be federally recognized, and that state recognition consists of a lot more than having a state elected polition come by and talk to your group -- and if they are legit -- they will check out your genealogy and you will not have to pay anything to join.

All the methods listed above have been used to scam the unenrolled and the unenrollable.

TRUE traditional Cherokee (the Keetoowah) have SEVEN clan mothers FOR THE ENTIRE TRIBE, one for each of the seven clans. Some unrecognized bands of Chickamauga (the "other" traditional Cherokee) have eight clan mothers and include one for an extinct bear clan, but this is the maximum you'll see anywhere. Some groups of Chickamauga will have only seven.

I was told Ten Bears had literally hundreds of clan mothers. Because of this -- & other more scandelous accuzations, reasons I don't wanna get into, traditional Cherokees -- both Keetoowah and Chickamauga -- consider Ten Bears to be a fraud and huckster -- less legit than a 3 dollar bill.

I wish someone in Pennsylvania and elsewhere -- anywhere there are unenrolled Cherokee or any other tribal group for that matter, SOMEONE would go to the trouble to call their organization "The Pennsylvania Cherokee Cultural Society". Only two groups I know of are willing to do this -- California Cherokee and the Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston. Know what? Chad Smith, Principle Chiefof Oklahoma Cherokee Nation, has visited BOTH these places and talked to them and wants to open up a dialogue with the unenrolled! But these are the terms. Don't call yourself a "Tribe" or "Nation" of Cherokee. This gives these 2 groups a legitimacy they can not have otherwise. And find enrolled Cherokee in your area and get them to join too.

So if you wanna go and learn or make friends with other groups of unenrolled folks, please to go Ten Bears meetings. But DON'T pay to enroll in his group, and don't believe his teachings or history as he is wrong about his history teachings, too.

vance hawkins