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Kim Stahl
02-24-2003, 08:49 AM
Just found this site while searching Goins info. I wonder if grandma was right after all! My grandma (deceased) always said that she had "Indian Blood". Now that i've started researching, my mom has asked if I have confirmed it or not. I told her twice that it was unlikely cuz things were looking very white in our lines. Then I found this site. My ggg grandmother was Rachel Goins from VA and married John Hoop on Mar 30, 1798. They migrated from Shenendoah Co. VA to the Highland Co., OH area abt. 1810. Altho I still think it's unlikely that there is connection with the Goins name I've seen here because it sounds like there were lots of them, I'd like to explore this more. Any suggestions???

02-26-2003, 07:19 PM
Hi Kim,
Just because you find your ancestors listed as white, doesn't mean that they weren't also of American Indian ancestry. As many families were listed as such, that were Indian & European. You ask for a suggestion, here is mine; Keep an open mind while doing research. Try to document your research as you go along. Don't take the word of submitted information by other's, use it as a tool. Check it out yourself!

02-26-2003, 10:41 PM
Goins is a name found among families believed to be Indian descended in VA. And many of these Indain descended families are known to have migrated to Highland County, Ohio, so I would think you've got some corroboration for your family stories. Richard Haithcock in his book notes about a hundred names ca. 1830 in Highland County Ohio that he suspects are Eastern Siouan derived. One name is Goans. It may not be enough to convince others, but I wouldn't blame you at all if you decided to trust what grandma's been telling you.

05-02-2010, 02:47 PM
Hi! My name is Lamont Howard and I'm connected to the Goins in Albemarle County, Va. James Goins was my great, great, great grand father. My great Grand Father and his siters, Agnus, lena and Gladys are listed as his grand children on the census. The Goins family intermarried with the african american and other native american groups in the area. Alot of the Goins and Howards moved out towards West, Va and Ohio, or moved back and forth between the two areas.

Three Crows
05-02-2010, 03:20 PM
There was a time when, if the census taker asked it you were white, the answer was 'yes sir'. People would work very hard at staying white because of poor treatment otherwise, and the rewards of being counted as white.

There was the story about the little boy who asked his mother 'momma why do they use that word?' and she replied "Oh they are just tryng to stay white child."

I'm sure many people would be shocked to learn that they are biracial or multiracial. A lot of these folks just moved north and let the whole thing fade into the past.

So to make a long story short, the skin color gene does not always get passed along with the 'I know who I am genes'.

Repectfully T.C.

05-05-2010, 02:32 PM
Hi !

I was going over the War of 1812 enlistment musters for all the Regiments in NC by County.
I found a William Goins in the Moore County, NC 4th regiment /6th Company . listed there wer Stephen Berryman and James Garner ( just a couple I wrote down).
These people were usually neighbors and sometimes related.

05-06-2010, 10:28 AM
This is just coming to my attention. There is much more to sort out here, but from the Gowen Manuscript, here are some excerpts:
There were many Allen individuals who appeared in Granville County suggesting that this was one of the places where the Gowen family intermarried with the Allen family. Individuals recorded there include: Arondall [Arundel?] Allen, Champion Allen, Charles Allen, David Allen, Drury Allen, Gresham Al-len, John Allen, Reynold Allen, Reginald Allen, Richard Al

len, Robert Allen, Sr, Robert Allen, Jr, Samuel Allen, "Wid-ow" Allen, William Allen, William and Mary Allen, William Allen, Jr, Young Allen and Zachariah Allen. Continued:

05-06-2010, 10:32 AM
"William Allin" bequeathed property to "my second wife, Frances for her lifetime," in his will written May 4, 1781, ac*cording to Granville County Will Book 1, page 515.
Mourning Hunt, widow of John Hunt made an agreement with William Hicks, Sr, widower whom she is about to marry, on May 30, 1778 that she will claim no part of his estate if he preceded her in death, according to Granville County Will Book I, page 514. They were married May 27, 1778 with John Searcy as bondsman, according to "Granville Pot*pourri" by Virginia Reavis Lyle.

This is all new to me. Many of those Allens mentioned in Granville are connected to me. And John Hunt is a son of Ralph, and brother to my Sarah Hunt. Back to Allens....

05-06-2010, 11:05 AM
It was Joseph Allen who married Sarah Hunt. Joseph, my direct is brother to both Drury and William. One of Drury's daughters was Sarah married to Charles Harris. There is a deed of land in Granville co NC for William Gowen adjoining Charles Harris on Spring Branch near head of Dogwood Branch 1760, and 1762 William Gowen both sides of Spewmarrow Creek adjoining Allen's line. William and Drury's land was on Spewmarrow Creek. Upper part now under waters of Kerr Lake! Still finding more here...Saj

05-07-2010, 06:15 PM

Hi Saj !

I found William Hunt Allen married 1.)Mary Ann Owen
+ married 2.) Frances Grant on the Family of William Hunt Allen website.

It has Henry Groves Howard b. March 7, 1760 Granville, NC married Hannah Owen.

1765 Major Thomas Owen Married isabella Allen b. Hanover m. KY.

Alot of information. Links to Melton/Sharpe ancestry chart.


.................................................. .................................................. .......................

By the way, I found out you were right when you said you thought I might be descended from Sarah Winston and Dr. John Woodson.
I descend from:

Robert Woodson + Elizabeth Ferris
Judith Woodson ( not the one that married the Daniel) + Wm " Jehu" Cannon
f. Wm gf John

Elizabeth " Hester' Cannon + Abraham Childers ( aka Childress/Child)
f. Abr. C. + Ann Pew/Pugh
gf. Abr. C. + Ann/Jane Howard /f. John H.
Parents of my ggggg- gm Mary Child + m Phillip Howard b. 1704 A.A., MD.)
Ann Pew/Pugh( f. Henry Pew, Jr. + m. Jane Womack)
(gf Henry Pew, Sr. + m. Jane Milner
( d/o John Milner + m. Elizabeth Rolfe)
( d/o John Rolfe + #3 Jane Pierce ( Aunt of my ancestor Cecily Reynolds
who descends to Sarah Powell)

Jane Womack
f.Abraham Womack + m. Sarah Worsham (f. John Wm Worsham + m. Elizabeth Jane Littleberry (f) Robert L. )
gf. Wm Womack + m. Mary Jane Allen

Now I have to find Mary Jane Allen's

05-09-2010, 01:31 PM
Thanks Magnolia!
Henry Groves Howard and Hannah Allen....Not Owen...but there are numerous Owen/Allen etc. marriages. I think Isabella Allen and Thomas Owen are cousins. Anyway, I get lost at times in all of this. Glad to help when I can but some things are so hard to find. Saj

05-10-2010, 07:11 PM
Thanks Saj !

Mallen who has a website : Allen Surnmame Index Page. She has Robert Allen b. New Kent, VA.
had a son Joseph Allen who married Sarah Hunt d/o Ralph Hunt.
They had
s-Memucan Hunt Allen died in 1833 /LW&T in Anderson Co., NC
s- Josep Allen
s-Drury m. Susannah Hudson

She has Hannah and Groves Howard, Thomas Owen, Sr.

I found my gg-gm, Sarah Dowell was the daughter of John Hickman Dowell and Sarah Dowell ( first cousins).
John's father John and Sarah's father, Phillip, were brothers . These Dowells married several times with Owen women. But, something came up on someone's dna test with her two male cousins on the direct John Dowell line. They were Martin dna. She said the Dowells and Martins lived near each other in VA in the 1770's . I thought the Dowell and Owen families were from Maryland to NC. I found a Thomas Collins, Sr sold 154 acres on the Pamunkey River to John Dowell. I did find that John named a son, Thomas Owen. ????
The Collins group named are supposed to be NA.
"and the plot thickens"