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11-12-2003, 06:45 PM
Linda asks..... Do you know if these Bass's are related to Joel Bass's family? Of the Eno Occoneechee?

They are definitely related. According to Mrs Buck Bass, some of the families moved to Pleasant Grove but our Bass's didn't wish to sell their farms they have here in Moriah.
Perhaps Bill would search it, since he is searching Moriah for the Meadows thread. The names I can remember off the top of my head are 2 "Buck"s.......... "Black Buck" and "White Buck"..... The Mrs Bass I'm talking to is wife of White Buck. He has a brother Jack..... They are in their 70s..... other names are Gaddis and Buss Bass.
Black Buck had sons William and Nello...... Mom thinks Buck's name is really William.
NOTE TO BILL....... These Bass's straddle the county line so some will be found in Durham co, north of Little River. William Bass should be Person....... Jack will be Durham...... White Buck's farm is in both counties.

According to an article in the Mebane Enterprise dated 11-22-94, Joel Bass was born in Person co NC, the oldest of 8 children of Buck and Mimmie Bass. Joel's wife is Anna and they have a daughter, Karen.
Quoting Joel in paper, "There used to be a reservation where we lived until a Mr Tom Bolden bought the place." Bill, can you find anything on this aspect?
Linda, what do you know about your Bass? How is he related to Joel? What have you found and is any of it on an older thread I haven't seen( I haven't read nearly all the archives here.

11-12-2003, 06:54 PM
More on Joel Bass...... He first attended school at a one room frame schoolhouse built by his uncle Willie. It was called Salem School.
His wife, Anna was Anna Morrow. They were introduced by a mutual cousin before he went to Korea. They were married on June 25, 1955. In addition to Karen, they have a son, Karl. They first lived in Durham, then Massachusetts, then Maine and finally settled in Alamance Co.

11-19-2003, 10:20 PM
I talked to a newfound cousin, Brian, the other night, who "just happened" to be at a family cemetery the same time my mom stopped there. (She moved from there 70 years ago, and hadn't visited that town in many years, and had never been to that cemetery before, so it was pretty uncanny timing.) He knows the Vernon County, Wisconsin Bass's well, known them all his life. (They're in what's known as the Cheyenne Valley settlement. http://www.hillsborowi.com/CHEYENNE.HTM)

Hopefully, he'll make himself to home and join in the conversation here, and help us to connect better with some of the Cheyenne Valley settlement people.

So he's the second cousin I've found who has a connection with the Cheyenne valley group. My cousin Jim Morley's related to the Revels. Brian is descended from Ezra Hudson, the man who was born in Maryland ca 1790, about 100 miles from the location of the old Blackfoot Town ca. 1740-1780. He says Ezra's wife, Elizabeth Pontius was known to be Indian, also. She was born in Hocking County, OH. Another Indian name in his family is Rice.

He put in a great deal of time reclaiming a cemetery that had been overgrown in Star Valley out there. He says there were a lot of Harrises there and he's going to find out where my Harrises old farm was located.

11-19-2003, 10:50 PM

I just looked where Vernon County is. It is close to Prairie Du Chien where the Indian agent Joseph Streets was. He was agent to the Sauk and Fox. I read a thesis about him once, because Streets is a name in my family tree. I found out that he was very sympathetic to native Americans. He came to Prairie Du Chien from Kentucky via Shawneetown. I know that in 1830, Streets also surveyed the land that my people settled in in 1842. He is buried next to Chief Wapello in Iowa, who negotiated the Half-Breed tract in Iowa with Streets. Vernon County is not so far from my Iowa folks, to be honest, maybe 2 or 3 counties.


Bill Childs
11-23-2003, 06:33 PM
These may or may not connect directly to any BASS's you're talking about, but they are in the same area in an earlier time.
In 1764, Bute Co. was created from a part of Granville Co. Bute was abolished in 1779 and records transferred to Warren & Franklin Counties. Vance County must have been created in 1881 from part of this area that was originally in Bute Co.
Bute County NC Court Minutes, 1767 - 1779:
14 Feb 1770:
William PARK for and in behalf of himself and company acknowledged a Deed of Bargain & Sale to Jacob BASS and on Motion the said is Ordered to be Registered.
13 Feb 1771:
Matthew THOMAS Esq'r returned into Court a bond taken by him from Francis WELLS and Jacob BASS for building a bridge and keeping the same in repair over Sandy Creek, and the same is Ordered to be Recorded.
13 Feb 1771:
Ordered that the Collector pay to Francis WELLS and Jacob BASS the sum of thirteen pounds ten shillings proc. for building a bridge over Sandy Creek.
13 August 1772:
A Deed from James RAINWATER to Jacob BASS proved by the oath of Mathew THOMAS a Witness thereto and on Motion the same is Ordered to be Registered.
May Court 1774, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions:
Ordered that the overseer of the road from BASS's Mill to Mr. HOOF's be Continued.
10 August 1774:
A Deed from William BASS to Thomas PERSON was proved by the oath of Robert DAVIS a Witness thereto and on Motion the same is Ordered to be Registered.
8 Nov 1774:
A Deed from Jacob BASS to the Baptist Society at Sandy Creek was proved by the Oath of David WALKER a Witness thereto and on Motion the same is Ordered to be Registered.
10 May 1775:
Jacob BASS and Ann, his wife, (She being first privately Examined and thereto Consenting) acknowledged a Deed to Presly NELMS at whose Motion the same is Ordered to be Registered.
11 May 1779:
A Deed from Edward BASS to John BECKHAM was proved by the oath of William DARNAL and Jesse MOSLEY two of the Witnesses thereto, and on Motion the same is Ordered to be Registered.

11-24-2003, 08:48 AM
That's interesting, Cindy. Our families were also a few counties apart in PA, weren't they? And where did you all stop off in Ohio or IN? Weren't yours in Licking County, Ohio. Mine were in Hocking. What dates did they move?

11-24-2003, 12:20 PM
I think that they might have been closer than that in PA. One group came from Beaver and Westmoreland Cos. but a larger group came from near Huntington. The third group came from near Shepherdstown, WVA. They moved to Ohio in two groups - the WVA group came from 1792 to around 1804. The Huntington group shows up on the Licking County census in 1820. Both those groups (but heavy on the Huntington group) moved to Iowa in 1840. The Beaver Co. group went straight to Iowa in 1852. Both settled in Jackson County (Bill commented once that he thought the entire county was related to one another.), on the western border. Jackson County goes all the way to the Mississippi, slightly south of your WI county and slightly south of Prairie Du Chien where the Indian agent for the area was located. I know the area fairly well, having grown up very near there and living near Prairie Du Chien for 16 years, both in Iowa and WI.


PS: Sorry, this is not really a Bass-related posting.

Bill Childs
11-24-2003, 02:07 PM
Joel Bass would be too young to show up on the last census that is available (1930), but some of the other people you mentioned are there.

BASS in 1930 Person Co., NC census, Mt. Tirzah Twp:
at 96, 98:
William Bass, farmer, 38, m@20, owns farm.
Cornnia, wife, 34, m@16
Elvira, dau, 15.
Keystone, son, 12.
Thaddius, son, 5.
Gladys, dau, 3.
GADIS, son, 1+9/12.****
Pauline, dau, 7/12.
Marshall McKen, Gr-father, 72, W'd, m@22.
Charles Bass, Farmer, 45, m@24, rents.
Sis B., wife, 45.
Diega, dau, 20.
Polly, dau, 18.
Myrtle, dau, 16.
Moostsey, dau, 14.
BUS, dau?, 12.****
JACK, son, 10.****
Sonnie, son, 8.
at 145, 148:
William Bass, farmer, 38, m@28. W.W. Veteran, owns farm.
Bate, wife, 30, m@20.
Daisy, dau, 9.
Iola, dau, 8.
WILLIAM, son, 6.****
Yonitha, dau, 4.
M.Lee, dau, 2.
NELS, son, 1.****
at 181, 184
Buck Bass, farmer, 36, m@34.****
Minnie, wife, 27, m@25.
George, son, 4/12?.

at 196, 200:
Arthur Bass, farmer, 19, m@18.
Mary, wife, 21, m@20.

Bill Childs
11-24-2003, 02:41 PM
According to the 1900 Person Co NC Census for Mt. Tirzah Twp,
Buck Bass, b.May 1893, is the son of Alonzo Bass, b. May 1859, and Bettie, b. Sept 1867.
Buck's Siblings:
Willie, m, b. Sept 1885.
Lula, f, b. Oct 1886.
Lessie, f, b. Aug 1889.
Bessie, f, b. Apr 1890.
Sylvester, m, b. Dec 1894.
Julius, m, b. Nov 1896.
Clara, f, b. May 1898.
Pearly, f, b. Mar 1900.
Bus & Jack's father Charles Bass, b.abt. 1885, is the son of William Bass, b. June 1848, and Agnor (Agnes?), b. Apr 1871.
Charles' siblings:
Eddie, m, b. June 1881.
Julia A., f, b. Jan 1885.
George, m, b. Jan 1888.
Living with William & Agnes (?) Bass in 1900 is
General Cozart, m, b. Jan 1855.
Nels Bass' father William Bass, b. Mar 1894 (not '92), is the son of Thomas Bass, b. Sept 1855, and Allie B., b. Apr 1871.
William's siblings:
Masten, m, b. May 1884.
George I (J?), m, b. Mar 1888.
Charlie B., m, b. June 1890.
Maggie M., f, b. Aug 1991.
Verna, f, b. Mar 1897.
Claudia E., f, b. Sept 1899.
In 1900, at 278, 280
Haywood Bass, farmer, m, Apr 1872, 28.
Lizzie, wife, f, July 1880, 19.
Luther, son, m, Sept 1896, 3.
Mainard, son, m, Apr 1900, 1/12.
living with them is
Adline Day, Mo-in-Law, f, June 1840, 60, W'd.

Hope this helps. If you need more, just let me know.
I'll eventually run these back a bit.