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11-24-2003, 09:39 PM
A lady contacted me the other day with this poignant family story. I asked her if I could publish it here, and she agreed.

There was a grandfather of long ago who was a Blackfoot Indian. His name was Beady (?spelling, nickname, Americanized name, interpertated from native name, initials B.D.) Walker. He was m. to a white woman. A white man stole his only horse. As was the custom in those days, he found the thief and his horse, and killed him. The only problem was that Indians were not supposed to m. white women and they sure could not kill a white man, no matter what, so they got a possee together to find Beady.

He had hid in the hollow of an old tree. His pregnant wife was sneaking to take him food. The white men followed her, and captured Beady. They took him to the town square and hanged him. I have no date or place,or wife's name.

Now, the farthest back on our Walker line that I have found was Jonathan Walker b.1790 in Ky. d. Dubois Co.,In. So Beady would have been back further. Many of the family lines go back to Ky.,Ten.and Va.many from the area of Va. that have been mentioned as being of the Saponi and Melungeon. There are a few from the northern colonial states. Anyway,I feel that he must have been from the "other Blackfoot tribes, east of the Miss.)

One time only, just before she died, grandma said that Beady was Cherokee. I now know that there were many Cherokee that intermarried with other tribes and races in the Va. area. I have asked my older cousins and they remember only the same things that I know. My mother is 96 and her only living sibling is 85 and they recall nothing more. I have been asking for many years and no one can remember anything else about the story. (I am the youngest and thought that I may have left something out.)

We have no reason to think that this Indian was out West, and the family migrated east to Indiana. The only time this happened was when grandma was 10 yrs old, her parents took the family by covered wagon to Sherman Co., Neb. where they lived until ca.1891 and returned to Indiana (proven story). Now,I thought that perhaps some of the family may have gone there before them, and still feel that they may have, but I can not understand why the Indian line would have been there when the family came from the south before comming to Indiana.

A sister to my grandmother and some of her family went to Mo. for a short time and returned here, so I suppose that is a slim possibility that Beady started out there, but again the family would have started out west and migrated east, and that is highly unlikely. I still feel that he was from the Va.,Tenn.,Ky areas, and still feel that Va. is the answer. Then they migrated north, where we have stayed.

Bill Childs
11-25-2003, 08:30 AM
Her Jonathan Walker, b.abt. 1790 Ky is found in Dubois Co., Ind on the 1820 census:
Jonathan Walker's household contains:
3 males under 10.
1 male 26 to 44.
1 female under 10.
1 female 26 to 44.
He is probably the Jonathan Walker who served during the War of 1812 in Evan's 4th Regiment, Mounted, Indiana Terr. Militia.
I'll see if we can find out where he came from in Ky or elsewhere.