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    At what point do you email the relatives you match? Do you try to find the MRCA and then contact the relative? Also, I have a bunch of GEDCOM's I match in which I cannot pull up their pedigree. Does that mean it is private? Why would they not make that available?
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    Couldn't agree more with "the less family you have the more you want to find". That is also what started my search- the more family died the more the unasked questions bothered me. Searching and finding makes me feel more connected to those I grieve.
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    My wife and I have daughter in law in Arkansas who have a grandmother and mother who were of Haithcock Surname. These were of Indian blood as is aall the Haithcocks I know about
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    Wow small world. I only live a few miles from the stadium where the Redblacks play. I'll keep an eye out for him.

    I was aware the Saponi are matrilineal. Not really aware of the other tribes. My lines are so complicated I wouldn't know where to file. My grandmother's grandfather said Blackfoot, and his grandparents trace back to VA/NC Saponi. He said he was 1/4 Blackfoot but research points to other lines as well. The Smith who was the last 'full-blood' married a mixed Cherokee. So really he was 1/4 Blackfoot and 1/32 Cherokee. But her locations fit with her being Saponi, Tuscarora or other area tribe that later claimed Cherokee. Come to find out there are also stories on my maternal grandfather's side. My partner is mixed as well. Her ancestors tribe was Penobscot in Maine. So three and probably four or more American threads weaving in with the Europeans in the fabric of my family.
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    Marc really glad to have blogged with you. You are a good friend and good person. Were you aware that the family roots are based on the Maternal side of family with many of the tribes claiming Iroquois/Tuscarora origins. Traditional tribes consider both sides. I filed under my mothers side which led to Bennett/Chowan tribe. Also I wanted to say that I have a niece that just married a high school sweetheart and he is going to Canada as a football kicker for the Ottawa Red Blacks (I think that right). His name is Apollo, if you see him playing.