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  1. Hello All!!!

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    Hi, I am a new member. I love history and when it came to working on my family history it just seemed to become a passion. I have heard a lot of stories about our Native family being in the mix, but no one has ever been able to tell me where, when or anything about them. I was thinking it was just bull until I found Native on my other side. Then while researching my 7,8 and 9th great grandfathers/grandmothers, I ran into Moses Riddle. I have seen many of the names on my family tree, listed in the
  2. Martha & Mary Coppock (AKA Paleface Nowanee) - captured by Saponi warriors?

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    Historical accounts are varied and sometimes conflicting, but all agree that Mary & Martha Coppock (Koppock) were sisters in a Quaker family settling on the frontier of the Carolinas in the mid 1700s. As young children they were taken in a raid some have attributed to Saponi and Tuscarora warriors. The Saponi it's said has merged into the larger Tuscarora tribe at the time. 5-10 years later they were found and returned to their settlement. Martha married Marmaduke Coate. It is said Mary
  3. my contribution for any Jacobs

    Gen 1)Thomas Jacobs 1700 Brunswick Co. Va/ wife Tabitha Hicks also Hix
    Gingaskin tribe/ Tabitha Dad was Indian Trader in Northampton Va
    2) Thomas Jacobs1732 Va/ wife Ann Mathers 1733 Va.
    3)Osborn(Shad) Jacobs 1765 Fairfield S.C. Hung in 1823 for accidental shooting of Sherriff Woolsey. Wife Kessiah Walker FULL Seminole/ Osborn Creek Dawes Roll
    4) John B. Jacobs also Creek according to Dawes but I am leaning more towards Catawba of S.C.
    5) Elisra(Elizabeth) Jacobs ...
  4. My ancestors leading to the Saponi;

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    I am Nita Jane Ferrill Rosselli,
    Hannah Honor Love was my (7th) Great Grandmother,
    her mother was my (8th) Great Grandmother on my mothers side.

    My mother was Mable Henrietta Latimer 1909-1998 California
    Her mother, my Grandmother was Ermengarde H. (Erma) Pettingill 1887-1951 Illinois
    Her mother was my great Grandmother Adaline Austin 1865-Connecticut
    Her father was Harrison Austin my 2nd great Grandfather 1845-1912 Connecticut
    His father
  5. I am interested in finding my Saponi heritage

    I was told when I was a little boy that I had ancestors who were Eastern Blackfoot. Here is some of my ancestors who I believe are of Saponi heritage.
    Isaac Chapman Birth Orange Co. Va 1716-1746 wife Sarah Cole 1718-1748 Orange Co. Va
    John M Chapman 1740-1815 Orange Co. Va wife Sally Abbott 1744-1816 Walkers Creek, Giles Va.
    Isaac Chapman B:1757 Ash County NC D: 1822 Washington VA. Wife Elizabeth Baldwin B 1766 NC D: Virginia

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