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  1. History of the historic Saponi-Catawba Nation. Vol #100 - Richard Haithcock

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    Just got my copy of Chief Haithcock's latest book. Have already made some new discoveries. This is the definitely the best of the four Haithcock books I have. It is organized chronologically and has a lot more detail on surname groups than I've seen before. The Falling Rock Catawaba, the Saponi on Col William Eaton's land. The Sizemore claims, Horatio Hale, Carr's Run Catawba, Blackfork and Poke Patch. There is a lot in this volume.
  2. Possible Bass/Basse/Nansemond DNA Connection

    My name is Sheila Bass Squier, my father is Irwin Bass Jr. son of Irwin Bass Sr. who was the son of Walter R. Bass. I have found my father to be the 13th generation from Humphrey Basse 1565-1616, Nathaniel 1589-1654, then John Basse 1616-1699. I have found some descrepancies with in this line via several different family tree's as to who has who, but it still comes back to Humphrey. Which shows that

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    As a matter of fact, yes. I have five matches descended from Richard Basse Sr. HOWEVER,
  3. Rick Haithcock's Historic Saponi - Catawba Nation #100

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    Rick Haithcock's latest research compilation is out. Volume #100, Historic Saponi - Catawba Nation, by Redtail Publication. To inquire call Rick at 937 532 4676.
  4. Here Are My Peeps - Kay Richardson Oxendine

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    Read my 4-year old daughter this book tonight. On the last page she said "They're at the pow-wow like us dada!"

    It's great to have someone telling their story to share. Seeing a lot of Richardson connections in our DNA reinforces the connection for me. In the book she writes that her name is Amelia. Which my wife noticed right away as that is the name she picked out if we have a third daughter.

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ID:	988 Here Are My Peeps: The Story of the Richardson and Lynch Families, Of the Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe As told thru the eyes of their granddaughter Kay Richardson
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  5. 5th Annual Summer Solstice Pow Wow

    Pictures at from the 5th Annual Summer Solstice Pow Wow on unceded Algonquin Territory in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The family loves this pow wow!

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