• Cherokee Communities of the South

      Cherokee Communities of the South

      This should be hot-linked to the Saponitown homepage. I had never read this article. The author did his research and presented it without blinders on. Excellent.

      Having read the article, realize that I live in "old Granville co, NC" and my maternal lines are a mixture of all of these migrating groups that spent time in old Granville. That's why every line is mixed and from many different sources over the 100 years of migration. (1700 to 1800 roughly)

      My father's lines moved straight west from the coast (mid to late 1600s) to the mountains (old Grayson co,VA by 1750)

      None of my direct maternal lines every migrated further than old Granville co, NC but siblings followed the migrations described by Thomas.

      None of my direct paternal lines every migrated further than old Grayson co, VA but siblings followed the migrations.

      Later generations of my maternal and paternal families met and married in some of these later locations. That's pretty cool.
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