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  1. Does anyone have any idea how to contact this member, Ga-Nc Collins? His list of Powhatan surnames on the Cherokee rolls is incredible. We have formed a research group to focus on my ancestor, Niketti (Nikitie) who was of the Powhatan tribes in Virginia. She married Gabriel Arthur, cited as the "first white man in Kentucky" due to his expedition in 1673. After ten years of researching, I started finding females given the name Nikitie (and variations) in Tazewell County, VA, and the surrounding counties. I have now found 90 females in the 1800's with the name and varified their existence with census records. This list here of Powhatan surnames is almost identical to my list of Nikitie females. Also, these names are the most common names in Melungeon research. These females are in households where all the other first names are English; they have the only 'Indian' name.
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