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  1. Hi Shoshone, I am finally on the site. Whoo-hoo!!!
  2. Shoshone.....having problem with birthday slot too. It wont let me fill it in. I've decided to create a family social group for my relatives all over the country and still it keeps getting stuck on the birthday for that too. I've emailed, but no response yet from them. Any hints or suggestions?
  3. Shoshone...I was just thinking. What do think about creating a social group called something like "Indian/Afro-American Descendants"? This would be a place for us to chat here, instead of having to leave messages.......just a thought.
  4. WOW!!!! I'm so amazed and estatic! I thought it was just me!!!'s an honor to meet you here like this. Well, you haven't met me yet. I'm just blown away by the conversation going on here. Can anybody/everybody read your stuff? I noticed...anyway. PM or email me.
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