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  1. Hey. Well, I've been sort of in my own world for a minute. I gotta move to Georgia. I'm a little excited. I won't be in DC anymore for a minute. I won't see the opening of indivisible, but please keep me informed if anyone records indivisible. I'd like to see it. I did find some information on a relitive of mine that was "blackfoot" from VA. I found out that the Thompson family is a know blackfoot name and that my earliest Thompson that I've found was free living in front royal. She was listed as Mulatto. the weired thing is I can't locate her for 10 years. Right after slavery ended she is there again living in Louisa lol. As far as my Massey family line, I have not been on that. Once I get to my new state I'll drive up or catch a train to SC to hit the records. My Massey is listed as Mulatto. Wonder what that means lol. Maybe they are decendants of the river people. Anyway, can you send me the blastgroup website
  2. Hi Tonio!,

    What's going on with you. Haven't heard anything from you in a while? Any New Developements. Do you see the post about the NMAI project Indivisible: Black Indians? I spoke to the project director. I will be posting other stuff on the Blast group.

  3. I'm registering.Tonio's the name. lol
  4. Those are cool links! The pictures are excellent.

    Let me know when your web-site is up. There are some pictures that I'd like to donate of my family.
  5. Most people have unlimited access to ancestry at the National Archives, but ancestry doesn't have most records. Most people that look for records there are told to travel to the state to get the records. The state would have a more detailed focus on it's people. The fedgov only looks at the general population. So as far as marriage and birth records I'd have to travel to Chester, and Lancaster. The slave scheduales are on ancestry, but going to the county would be better.
  6. Lol, the e-mail you sent was great. I saw some possibilities of my ancestors being catawba. I looked at a SC law stating that SC mixed blood Indians within the colony were slaves. So Massey, and his wifes daughter or son would have been a slave I'm assuming. So it's a huge chance if the child was enslaved the child blended into the black population. I don't know, my mind is running freely now haha.

    My Massey's were origionally from Chester, SC (Where BS Massey was living). My Lee Massey on the 1880 census was listed as Mulatto (Possibly of mixed European Catawba, African). I should not assum fast like this until I'm for sure there's a Harris linked to my Massey side. Even still if there is I should verify that this is the right Harris we're speaking of. Does your friend know if the state will release marriage records or slave scheduals to me?
  7. Nah, not that I'm aware of. I have not even researched all of my Massey's marriages. I've only been able to get to the National Archives. They told me to contact the county to get the maiden names and marriages of my family there. Catawba though? I thought they were known for not marrying into the black community?
  8. Maybe I'm too angry with the lack of action our people are taking, but I find it necessary to educate our people. Know who you are and where you're going. How can we know where we are goin' if we have no clue where we come from?
  9. I've been into Native culture since my youth. Growing up and not being able to quite fit into either community I resided in was kinda crazy. There is very little information of our people and our survival depends upon the effort the decendants put in. There's thousands of decendants walking around and returning our decendants back is vital to our survival. How can we become a force when we're more like a country club, denying people who we know are clearlynative admission into the tribe? Didn't our ancestors adopt other natives? There wouldn't be a Catawba confederacy if there was no adoption of other Siouan tribes. Tribes are so dependant of the government you might as well call us crumb snatchers. looking for handouts while the government continues to develop on our lands and exploit our culture. Where are our warriors? How can we ever be a nation again if we lay down and cry? It's no crime to defend ourselves! We should get politically involed and stand up to the government
  10. Acceptance amoung western tribes means squat. I have no reason to want to be accepted by them, nor do I need their concent to be who I already am. If I was supposed to be Apache, I would have been apache. If I was desighned to be Cheyenne I would have been Cheyenne. I am an Eastern Siouan, so why try to be something I'm not?
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