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  1. Hi ! Sammarroq,
  2. I lost that post but, I remember a Zadock Daniel (f. John) m. ? Anderson moved to Rowan /warren , NC and He m. Elizabeth Lewis. Thjey had a daughter Mary Daniel. c. 1798. He also had 2 other wives. Lewis was his first.
  3. Hi Magnolia,

    Where did you post it? Was it a message to me? Or is it on the forum? Let me know...may need to get Linda's help...Blessings,

  4. Sammarroq, Hi Magnolia here. I just wrote a long Danielreply. I don't see it posted .
  5. Hi Magnolia,

    Sorry so long in reply...Thanks for adding me as a friend...I see you are researching Daniel...I have not done much research on mine. I know Mary "Polly" Daniel m. George Gibson 1833, Perry KY. I would be interesting to know if they interconnect somewhere Blessings,

  6. Thank you . I just sent a post to Linda re: my mobile problem.
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