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I'm half-way through my Haithcock Volume I and am seeing so many more connections, including Heathcotes in my cousins genealogy.

When I look at my cousins family trees that I have found through DNA, I am seeing so many connections to posts in the SaponiTown genealogy forum.

Since I have become such a heavy user of the forum I missed it while it was down last week. So I volunteered to help support it, and cousin Linda has made me an administrator. I have an Information Technology consulting business (MSCS) so this is mostly what I do for a living.

I will be working to make the site more useable moving forward. Anyone who has suggestions or issues with the site can feel free to contact me.

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  1. johntwohawk's Avatar
    My wife and I have daughter in law in Arkansas who have a grandmother and mother who were of Haithcock Surname. These were of Indian blood as is aall the Haithcocks I know about