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Helping others with genealogy

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In putting together my kid's genealogy I have made many new connections. Some have been requesting I write some posts on Facebook genealogy/family history pages. Seems to me families who have experienced premature deaths are often the most interested in their genealogy. The less family you have the more you want to know about them.

Everything I'm learning about my ancestors reassures me on my path. Learning decisions I made with my life are similar to my ancestors makes me feel connected. The expression about those not knowing their history being doomed to repeat it is very true.

My mother has started putting together her Drybread genealogy files into book form. I'm helping edit and research on the web. Finding the time is a big challenge. But if future generations read it, it will have been worth the effort.
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  1. drees1's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more with "the less family you have the more you want to find". That is also what started my search- the more family died the more the unasked questions bothered me. Searching and finding makes me feel more connected to those I grieve.