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My mother and I worked on the family history project together this evening. We've decided it's better to write stories and link them to web genealogy than try to write a paper book. Others are better able to access the research this way. They can also find just the portion they are looking for more easily.

Our tree is now close to 8000 indiivudals, with over 1000 photos. Following the example of Ted Collins' site I expanded on the descendants of ancestors know or suspected to be Blackfoot. After adding this many people to the tree I can calcuate relationships to members of core families like Bunch, Collins, Gibson, and Riddle.

The mystery in my family of what the Smiths of the Indiana Jones/Smith line were called before is still there. Riddle and Parrish seem to be leading candidates so far. Drybread is of uncertain origin. I feel like we have made so much progress and yet are only just beginning.
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