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DNA + GEDCOM back online at GedMatch

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THe DNA + GEDCOM search is working again at GedMatch. This shows you all your DNA matches over 10cM who have uploaded family trees. With matches of that size there should be no question the DNA match is in a genealogical time frame. Going to each person's genealogy I'm looking 14 generations back for common ancestors, surnames and locations. If there are no common ancestors or surnames I know it's likely someone related on a brick-walled line. Judging by the locations I can get a good idea which lines they are on and can verify it with DNA.

With 10cM minimum there are 47 family trees that match my sample. Having got some great leads from this feature before I am hopeful I can narrow down how I'm cousin to these folks. This is how I've found a cousin with Shamokin PA ancestors in the 1700s. It is always very obvious if the person is on my mothers or fathers side. If it's on my fathers side the entire tree up to present is in England or Australia. If it's my mother the trees always seem to include NC/VA/PA 1700s to OH/IN and parts west 1800s/1900s and 300+ year old German immigrants.

Before I used 23andMe relative names to try and figure who my Smiths were before they were called that. Going through the trees on GedMatch looks like it might yield better results. Time will tell.
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  1. GGM_Robbins's Avatar
    At what point do you email the relatives you match? Do you try to find the MRCA and then contact the relative? Also, I have a bunch of GEDCOM's I match in which I cannot pull up their pedigree. Does that mean it is private? Why would they not make that available?