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S.O.S. Can anyone help me. I am looking for John Henry Anderson born Jan. 1846 KY/Al/TN. The family has had their DNA done and the Match is Cuzzie Anderson/William 'Billy' Cole/ Valentine Collins. Has anyone seen this article:https://nativeamericanroots.wordpres...tag/nansemond/Recent posts The Anderson Family of lost creek settlement March 2016.The family names;Anderson, Collins, Wadkins, Sizemore, Higgins, Campbell, Cooper, Barnett, Nichols, Cole, Gibson, Musgrove, Chavis, Bass, Taborn The Matriarch would be Cuzzie Anderson she is believed to be related to the Andersons who were freed by a slave owner John Flulcher in his will.Also John had a brother named William who was living with two sisters when their brother came home did not like William there so he shot him (William was working on a wagon) William crawled under the porch and died.My personal address is kimljones@hotmail.comThanks to everyone on this site. My hubby is Saponi.
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    I checked out that link. Lots of good info. Thanks for posting that. Didn't see anything about the Sizemore's under the Nansemond tag.