Sheila Bass Squier

Possible Bass/Basse/Nansemond DNA Connection

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My name is Sheila Bass Squier, my father is Irwin Bass Jr. son of Irwin Bass Sr. who was the son of Walter R. Bass. I have found my father to be the 13th generation from Humphrey Basse 1565-1616, Nathaniel 1589-1654, then John Basse 1616-1699. I have found some descrepancies with in this line via several different family tree's as to who has who, but it still comes back to Humphrey. Which shows that

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As a matter of fact, yes. I have five matches descended from Richard Basse Sr. HOWEVER, my highest ranking Basse matches {there's two of them} are descended from William Basse Sr. Also, I have two other matches who think they have a Basse connection and have collateral matches that are also descended from William Basse.

There is some controversy over the legitimacy of Richard Bass being truly the son of John Basse due to inconsistencies in the paper trail. Some say he died young, some say he was an unrelated Basse, and so forth.

Below is a link describing the situation:

I have only two William Basse Sr-descended matches so far {maybe three, I found someone on GEDmatch this morning} but they rank higher than all my Richard Bass matches- and both of my matches who suspect they have a Bass connection have matches also that rank higher with William Basse descendants.

I also match many non-native descendants of Nathaniel Bass in the north {I've been calling them the "Northern Bass"} but I don't know if this is important.

What do you think?
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  1. Susan in Houston's Avatar
    I am new to this site, and have just begun reading articles and from the blogs. Please excuse my questions if they have already been answered.

    My husband is from the Bass(e) line from North and South Carolina across the south to our home in Texas. Although I have been researching for nearly 20 years, I have been working on his maternal line for only the last year. This weekend I stumbled upon more information that leads me to other peoples of the North and South families.

    I am; however, a bit confused when reading your quirey. Where are you finding the "matches" on the Bass lines that you are researching? What determines the "ranking" of one over the other?

    My husband's line is: Humphrey, Nathaniel, John, William, John, Edward, Arthur Sr.,
    Hosea, Josiah, Jesse Boswell, William Joseph, Laura Belle Bass Brooks, Dora Ida Brooks Thomas, Madie Marian Thomas Peterson, my husband...Robert (Bob) Peterson.

    In looking at the mother of Jesse Boswell Bass, I found that she is of the Nansemond people also. So, Bob appears to be apart of this wonderful new Family from at least two directions.

    I hope you have great results with your research. -Susan in Houston