Seneca Drybread

Quakers & Native Americans Conference - Philadelphia

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I recently returned from Philadelphia where I attended the Quakers and Native Americans Conference. There were several interesting panel discussions. One in particular was a Seneca panel that included discussion of the Tutelo-Saponi / Siouan people who joined the Seneca. There was also a discussion of families with African and Native American ancestry in Ohio in the early 1800s. Specifically they mentioned the Day and Haithcock families. Two families tied to our Indiana Jones-Smith line. The presentation also spoke about Darke County, where some of our Jones-Smith lines came to Indiana from.

A powerful boarding school healing talk was held as well. There was a delegation of Wukchumni Indians who attended from California. I participated in the boarding school talk by reading passages written by Quakers, the passages written by former students were read by one of the Wukchumni attendees. The keynote was delivered by John Echohawk - Pawnee a lawyer involved with the Native American Rights Fund. It was a great chance to connect with two major parts of my heritage.