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  1. Hello Marc

    I'm beginning to think that Mary was of Monacan ancestry, probably half since her son was listed as white in Kentucky and Indiana census records. He died by the age of 40. There were several Monacan...
  2. Settlers of Harlan and others in Eastern Kentucky

    The first white settlers of [what became] Harlan Co. were the family of Samuel Howard (then spelled Hoard). When they first set foot on Harlan soil, in 1796, they found an almost impenetrable forest,...
  3. Gatewood, Evans, and David Bly of Amherst County, Virginia

    My 5th great-grandfather, David Bly. He bought 130 acres on both sides of the Buffalo River near the Forks of Buffalo for 25 from William and Ann Gatewood on November 5, 1770. Their niece, Elizabeth...
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    Adams Family Eastern Kentucky

    I have a 4th great-grandmother, Charity Adams, born in 1783 in Lincoln County, KY. She was married to John Bly in 1800 in Rockcastle County, KY. Some say that she was an orphan, although no proof...
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    Bly Surname in Amherst County, VA

    I'm doing research on my 5th great-grandfather, David Bly. A legal record places him near Forks of Buffalo in Amherst as early as 1768. On November 5, 1770, from William and Ann Gatewood. David's...
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