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Thread: Parker, Evans, Bass, Pettiford families

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    I have a Mary Evans born 1728 in Pasquotank, NC, daughter of John Evans. Mother unknown. Mary married Isaac Overman.
    Does anyone connect?


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    And Besides Nansemond, there is the Chowanoc connection. There were originally two Basse brothers, John and Edward. John married a Nansemond, and Edward married (although there is some debate) a Chowanoc Indian and they continued to live in the vicinity of the Chowans for several generations. Interstingly, the Parkers also are sometimes theorized to be connected to the Chowans. If you look at the 1733 Mosely Map of NC, you'll see the Parker name right in between Catharine and Bennet Creek, which was inside the Chowanoc Reservation. I believe, though I'm not looking at my notes that this was Elisha Parker. I don't know too much more about the Parkers, but of the Basses, they intermarried far and wide among many populations, some mered into white society, some black, and many across various tribes. But the origin of the Native ancestry of the Basses was Nansemond and Chowanoc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathleen 6 View Post
    I have a Mary Evans born 1728 in Pasquotank, NC, daughter of John Evans. Mother unknown. Mary married Isaac Overman.
    Does anyone connect?

    Yes! I have a DNA cousin who connects.

    Looking at her genealogy was fairly sure we connect on her line through Exum Elliott. Our ancestors are both in Wayne and Randolph County Indiana in the 1820s. Close to the Coffin's and other abolitionists. WI worked her genealogy back and was pretty sure the Saponi connection had to be through Ephraim Overman. So I checked who else was on their census page. In 1820 they are on the same page as one of 20 Saponi heads of household. A list of descendants in 1830 Randolph Co Indiana from Col William Eatons land.

    Although my cousins and my ancestors are within 10 or so miles of each other in Indiana, they were not as close in NBC. Her ancestors were from Pasquotank, mine further inland, Orange, Randolph. The Elliot's descendants of this line were family to Abraham Elliott who surveyed Greens Fork, Indiana in 1818. Greens Fork, Wayne County, and neighboring Greensfork township Randolph County seem to be at the center of Saponi coming to Indiana. It borders Darke County Ohio, where many of these ancestors also lived.

    Mary Evans b.1728 Pasquotank is Ephraim Overman's grandmother. I have her parents as Robert Evans and Ann. The genealogy for Robert is not concrete but lists Sarah Wynns as his mother. Wynn, Evans and Overman all being names I've seen here. Before reading this thread I was thinking this line must be Nansemond-Chowanoke. So was very interested to see that mentioned here.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    GrandMother - Potter, Jones, Smith, Gates, Walburn, Good, Routh, Redfern, Brower, Bechtel, Buck, Wiley, Beeler, Kyger, Heaton, Stainbrook, Ihinger, McColley, Thomas, Franklin, Warden, Hurst, Schule, Mauler, Weller, Snyder
    GrandFather - Drybread, Wheatley, Marshall, Cotton, Kitchen, Passmore, Harrell, Coppock, Pontius, Zeller, Waters, Charlton, Sager, Barbee, Wimberley, Decker, Nay, Hibbs, Tucker, Irwin, Baker, Cone, Llewellyn, Bayley, Miller->Bunch
    DNA - Parrish, Merritt, White

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