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Thread: Native Roots in Virginia - Evans, Pinn, Redcross, Bowden

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    Native Roots in Virginia - Evans, Pinn, Redcross, Bowden

    I am the author of a book, Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color. It is a detailed account of my ancestors, and how they were racially classified by Virginia's Colonial Government. My Native ancestors are Pinn, Redcross, Evans, Lewis, Cooper, and Bowden. Some intermixed with whites, and others with blacks, and others were massacred, or sent out west.

    I am now looking in Brunswick County, where I found Benjamin Evans and Sarah Redcross Evans in the 1770's. Benjamin Evans left land to Sarah and his son Charles. If anyone is researching this name, or Brunswick County I would like to communicate with you.
    Notes And Documents of Free Persons of Color:

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    My 6th great-grandfather was Thomas Evans who passed away in 1776 in Amherst County. I suspect his wife was a Monacan. I can't find his parents names anywhere. Maybe his related to the Evans of Granville? Or to Trader John Evans? His daughter, Mary, was "married" to David Bly who took their son, John, to Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1788.

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