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    Maybe someone can help me with this family dilemma. My ancestor Elzay Courtney born 1783 in Fauquier married Sarah Ann Haley/Hailey/Healey born 1787. They were married in 1806 in Fauquier. Sarah's father was John Haley. At least thats what I've been told. The only John Haley that I have been able to find in the right time frame is one who married Peggy Jett. John and Peggy were married in 1785.

    Elzay Courtney was listed as an orphan and was named as one of the life tenants on a lease to Angus Cameron and his wife Elizabeth ca 1792. Elizabeth must have died and Angus married Ann Hailey, a widow. John Haley was bondsman. So, I'm assuming that this is how Elzay might have been introduced to the Haleys.

    John Haley was on the 1759 tax list as living with Francis Jett. In 1785 John Haley, a minor, married Peggy Jett. ?????

    In John Haley Sr.'s will of 1787, he mentions wife Mary, executors John Dearing and John Morehead. Witnesses were James Genn, James Ball, Celia Triplett Genn. The will was examined by Francis Triplett and B. Shackleford. Other names mentioned are James Hay, William Jett and Joseph Barba/Barbee.

    I found that a William Courtney married a Mary Barbee and she had a brother named Joseph. I don't think that Elzay was their son because he was born too late but he may have been the son of one of their children. I'm looking at son James who Married Sarah Kesterson only because I found that their son Fielding Courtney was also bound out to someone. Apparently, if you were bound out to someone, you may have been listed as an orphan. I don't know if thats true.

    Elzay and Sarah moved to Fleming Co., KY. I know that some of the Haleys, Jetts and connected families moved to KY also.

    Quite a few of the Jetts married into the Tapps. The Tapps descended from the Tapticos of the Wicocomico Indians. That nation, I understand is accepting membership to those who can prove their ancestry. Their website is:
    So, is there anyone who can help me solve this mystery?

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    Hello appears that we are right related somehow...ALL of the names you made mention of re: Jett and Tapp and Triplett et al are in my maternal mother's maiden name was in fact Jett...her mother was a Nichols and so on. I have also heard tell that the Tapp/Taptico's were Wicocomico and I do have a few photos of John and Mary Tapp...he being a very dark haired man with strong defined facial features...Mary looks almost "Quakerish" in my opinion...bordering on Matronly, if you follow me? The Tapp's did marry readilly into the Jett line as I can see but I have not examined them at great length thus far. I have a few Courtney's but not your Elzay...I also have a few Haley's that MD into my Jett to the Francis Jett that he was residing with, do you know WHICH Francis it refers to? Was it perhaps Francis who MD Bathsheeba Berryman? or maybe the one who married Mary Hutchinson? I have not traced the Triplett line down past the mid 1700's...sorry but I wish I could be somewhat helpful...I'll do a bit of digging and see what I can come up with. Keep up the good genealogy faith~~~~Laurie

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    Hi Laurie. Which Francis is the question. I don't know. It appears that every generation had a Francis.The John Haley that was living with Francis Jett in 1759 was born ca 1733. If he was a contemporary of Francis, then I would expect Francis to have born around that time. Pure speculation though. I know that John Haley was tight with a John jett and mentions a William Jett in his will. Does that help? But who were Margaret (Peggy) Jett's parents? Francis? John? William?
    Here's a record from Fauquier Accounts 1800-1865: "Margaret Hailey - Apprmt. Acct. - 29 Oct. 1821, 27 Nov. 1821, vale of estate $67.68 for crops, food stuff, horses, household items & plantation utensils, report prepared by Willis G. Smith, Turner Barbee and Francis Jett."

    Another: John Hailey - Admn. Acct. - 24 Apr. 1824, 25 Jul. 1825, Admr. Elias Dearing, balance of estate $238.11 to be divided among each legatee (not named) received $34, report reviewed by Willis G. Smith, James Payne and Matthew Neale, received by John A. Smith. I'm making an assumption that this would be John Jr. Haley

    Elzay Courtney and Sarah Ann Haley had 2 children who married into the Price family. I don't know if they were connected to Fauquier families or not.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for writing.


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    Hey Kathleen....I dove deep into all of my Jett's and I THINK I may have figured out which Jett family your Haley's refer/connect to...keep in mind that I have NOT fully examined this precise family in great depth just yet but here goes:
    1. John Jett (b: 1755 Fauquier Co, VA; d: 1811 Bracken Co, KY) MD: Elizabeth Porter (b: Fauquier Co, KY; d: Bracken Co, KY) had issue:
    2a. Thomas Jett (b: 5 May 1788 Fauquier Co; d: 12 May 1872 Bracken Co) MD: Rebecca Devore Kenton. *had 21*gasp* CH!
    2b. Samuel Jett (b: 15 Mar 1786 Fauquier Co; d: 16 Jul 1866 Bracken Co, KY) MD: Sarah/Sally Walker. *had 13 CH*
    2c. Fanny Jett (dates UNK) MD: Tavenor Robinson on 17 Jun 1799 in Fauquier Co, VA *no known issue*
    2d. James Porter Jett Sr. (b: 1781 Fauquier Co, d: UNK) MD: Milly Heflin *issue: 7 CH*
    2d. Daniel Jett (b: Bracken Co, KY; d: UNK) MD: i. UNK Hanson. ii. UNK Buckner *no issue*
    2e. William Jett (b: Bracken Co, KY; d: UNK) MD: i. UNK Blackwell. ii. UNK McDowell. *no issue*
    2f. Sally Jett (b: Bracken Co, KY; d: UNK) MD: Joseph McDowell. *issue: 1 CH*
    2g. Elizabeth "Betsy" Jett (b: Bracken Co, KY; d: UNK) MD: Major Wheeler. *issue: 1 CH*
    2h. Mary/Polly Ann Jett (b: 4 Nov 1782; d: 1860) MD: Abner Haley on 5 Jan 1803 in Fauquier Co, VA. *Issue: 1 CH: Emily Haley who MD: Squire Jett.
    2i. Dorcas Jett (b: 12 Oct 1800 Fauquier Co; d: 21 Mar 1896 Bracken Co, KY) MD: James Trunnell Howard. *Issue: 6 CH*

    The reasoning behind my thinking is that this John Jett (b: 1730 ) and all of his subsequent family were in and around Fauquier Co, VA...this John's father was Francis Jett Jr (MD: Mary Hutchinson) and he had sibs named William and Francis...and in turn, he had a son named William and his daughter Mary/Polly Ann married a HALEY. I will have to research this exact family moreso to see exactly hwo they connect but I believe it quite likely that they are where the "twain" does meet with your Haley's...and they are most likely the family members mentioned in the wills/etc that you referred to. Basically, by names, location, dates and surnames ...they appear to tie in nicely. More if and as I locate it....please let me know your thoughts or findings on them if you may. Take care~~~~Laurie

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    Hi Laurie. Wow! You're wonderful! I'm so confused after looking at so many Jetts; I would never have been able to put this together myself. I'm going to take each of these names and look them up on and see what comes up. I did find that John Haley, who's will I mentioned, had a son named Abner and I'm sureh'es the same guy that you mentioned. I also saw that John had a son named Richard who named his daughter Sarah Ann. I wonder if he may have named her after his sister? She was born about 10 years too late to be my Sarah Ann Haley.
    I'm so excited to get this. Thank you,

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    Laurie, I can find posts for a Francis Jett married to a Peyton but not to a Hutchinson. I did find an Edward Jett married to a Hutchinson.
    The reason that William Jett is mentioned in John's will then is because his son Abner married William's daughter Mary (Polly). I know also that John Haley's son John married Peggy Jett but I can't find parents for her or children for them. Their marriage in 1785 would have been the perfect timing.
    The nickname for Sarah was Sally so that could be a clue.

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    Hello Kathleen....FYI: Francis Jett SR did in fact marry Margaret Peyton/Payton ca 1731...and they had issue:
    1. Francis Jett Jr.
    2. John Jett.
    It is their son Francis Jr who MD Mary Hutchinson and had issue: 11 CH.
    A goodly amount of My research on my Jett lines was gotten from 3 sources: 1. The book abt Peter Jett, the Immigrant written by Jeter Lee Jett.
    2. Personal research in and around KY...wills, deeds, court docs, family files, marriage/birth/death records and the like.
    3. Online "digging" and note comparisons with other Jett descendants.
    Thus far, I have 5 Hutchinson's that MD a Jett. The Edward Jett that MD Elizabeth Hutchinson is the son of Francis Roger Jett and Sarah Lydia "Grey Eyes" Matthews...there is a "story" that claims that she was of Cherokee blood and that she was captured by natives and reclaimed to her tribe...leaving her husband to raise their 3 sons alone...I have been personally unable to confirm this notion thsu far. On the "Hutchinson " end of things...I foudn a right neat family timeline on a Jett Family board about a year is lengthy but descriptive, in full, it reads:
    "During a recent review of correspondence, I found a note dated 5/18/2002 pertaining to the Jett - Hutchinson relationship. I am aorry to say, but I do not know who sent this information to me, but it agrees with other information that I have. I am going to quote some of it, so it might be of value to others who have expressed an interest in this relationship.

    "The Elizabeth Hutchinson who married Edward Jett was the daughter of John Hutchison of Shenanadoah. They married in
    1796 and the record is on file at the Virginia State Library. The rest of John Hutchison's family also married in Shenandoah County and their marriage records are also available at the Virginia State Library. His oldest son, Thomas Hutchison married Sarah Baley/Bayly there in 1789; next son James married Sarah Thomas in 1790; dau. Mary married Joshua Reeves/Rives there in 1790."

    "The Hutchison family left Shenanadoah County, Virginia in late autumn 1796, stopping briefly in Davidson County, TN where they had relatives (Thomas and Overall families) before settling on McAdooo Creek in what became Montgomery County in 1797. In the Hutchison party were ; John and Margaret Hutchison, the parents of the young marrieds - Thomas and Sarah Baley Hutchison; James and Sarah Thomas
    Hutchison, Edward and Elizabeth Hutchison Jett; and a son William Hutchison. Mary Huthison Reeves and her husband, Joshua Reeves settled in Prince William County, VA until 1798 when they sold and moved west as well."

    "Thomas HJutchison was the oldest son, and he and his young family remained in Montgomery County on McAdoo Creek for no more than 5 years before returning to Rutherford County (formerly part of Davidson). Thomas died in 1808 just a year or two later, leaving Sarah to bring up their 8 children. In the late 1720's Thomas and Sarah's children began leaving the County and three of them settled in Bond/Montgomery County, Illinois area. They were Jane Jane Hutchison and her husband Jordan Williford; Mary Hutchison and her husband Humphrey Jett (they had resided in Montgomery County, TN before leaving for Illinois);and William Hutchison and his wife Jane Lorance."

    "Life was not kind to them those first few years in Illinois.Humphrey Jett died in 1829, leaving Mary a widow with children to raise. Her brother William and his wife Jane lost their little daughter, Margaret Ann, b. 1829, d. 1832, and they were hearing from home that their Mother, Sarah was ailing in Rutherford County. She wrote her will in Feb 1831. In it she speaks of William quitclaiming his right to any of her land to his brother James and she made provisions to sell two of her slaves and the proceeds to be divided equally for her daughters Mary Jett and Jane Williford. Sarah Baley Hutchison died in 1832. The slaves were sold for $903 and the proceeds divided between Mary Jett and Jane Williford. These were special provisions for her three children who had left the state to live in Illinois - the other three children inherited landand slaves, and all six children divided the proceeds of her personal estate."

    "Even though I have never found a marriage for Humphrey and Mary, I believe her mother's will places her as a daughter of Thomas Hutchison and Sarah Baley. Therefore, Elizabeth Hutchison who married Edward Jett in Shenandoah County, VA was Mary Hutchison Jett's aunt - not her sister."

    "The consent to marry for for Edward Jett gives his father's name as Rogers Jett, note the "s". Edward and Elizabeth named their first son Hutchison Jett, using Elizabeth's maiden surname as his given name. I have often wondered if Rogers Jett was named the same way - given his mother's maiden name as his given name."

    "As for Edward and Humphrey being brothers, I really don't know. There was about 10 or more years difference in age bvut that is possible. (ECJ note - both Edward and Humphrey were living in Montgomery County at the same time). There is no Humphrey in the descendants of Edward and Elizabeth's family as one would expect, but they named all of their son's with names starting with "A", breaking with tradition of naming their children after parents, brothers, sisters, etc."

    ECJ's note - I found the above extremely intereasting and well written. I would appreciate it if anyone can claim authorship. Also, would appreciate comments." Author: Ernest Jett(email UNK) source: posting of June 2005

    I will have to TRY and figure out which Margaret "Peggy" Jett md John Hutchinson...but...their daughter Elizabeth is the one who MD Edward L. Jett mentioned above. *wink* The surname is alternately spelled Hutchison and Hutchinson. More anon...take care~~~~Laurie

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    1782 Fauquier Co., Va Tax List:

    3 John Courtneys
    1 James Courtney
    2 William Courtneys
    1 John Hailey
    1 Francis Jett
    1 James Jett
    1 John Jett
    3 William Jetts

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    Thank you Laurie and Bill for your help. I think its possible that James Courtney who married Sarah Kesterson, son of William Courtney and Mary Barbee could be the right family. I can't find a post showing Elzay Courtney as a child for them but their son Marshall named one of his sons Elzay?? Also James and Sarah had a son Fielding who was also bound out to ? Duke around the same time that Elzay/Elzey/Elza was bound to Angus Cameron.
    Elzay and Sarah named their only son? William F. Courtney and one of their daughters Mary. I saw somewhere that the William Courtney who married Mary Barbee had the middle name of Francis. So................................


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    I am descended from Elzay Courtney and Sarah Haley through their daughter Many Ann. I would like to share info with others. Since Elzay was called an orphan, it means his father had died. Mothers didn't count. James Jett signed the bond for the marriage of John Haley [a minor] and Peggy Jett. If John was a minor, he would have been born in 1765 or later.

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    Related to Lydia grey eyes and jett family in TN

    I've been researching Lydia grey eyes and I come across this page. I been searching about Lydia and from family stories she was Cherokee. The story I've been told she was captured by the Cherokee for having a white husband. We are part of the Jett family. A old family from Marshall County TN. Most jetts are buried at Bethberi cemetary in Lewisburg TN one of the oldest cemeteries and churchs in middle TN. This might help you and in return your information might help me with my search for Lydia grey eyes information. Godspeed

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