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Thread: Eads,Collins,Massey,Archer -Trying to find Blackfoot family

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    Eads,Collins,Massey,Archer -Trying to find Blackfoot family

    I am trying to help a friend who has Blackfoot in him. He could be a good mix of Blackfoot & Melungeon.
    I will give you a lineage of these names I just mentioned. These are his great great grandparents.

    John Eads b. 1800 Wilkes NC d. 1846 Wilkes NC Married Mary Pollu Massey b. 1802 NC d. 1887 Missouri Children: Ezekial,John,James,Wm, Alvin,Pinckey,Nancy, Milly,Alfred,Franklin, & Granbery

    Elisha C. Collins (counted as Mulatto on census's) b. 1830 TN d. TN Married 1)Nancy Hall (Married 16 MAR 1847,Wilson TN) Children: Lousianna Eads
    2)Esther Archer b. 1825 (Married 28 JUN 1850, Wilson TN) Children: Wilson,Perry,Priscilla,Thomas and Mary
    3)Louise Nickens b. 1846 (Married 9 NOV 1862 Wilson TN) Chilkdren: Laura,Joshua,Mary,Elisha,Louella, & Henrietta.
    4) Frances Nickens b. 1843 (Married 23 APR 1883 Davidison TN)

    Do any of these names fit in with anyone? Please let me know.
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    I have a DNA cousin who I've tied to our Blackfoot side (A087877 on GedMatch) who I believe is descended from this line. Her gg-grandparent Walter Nickens is a descendant of George Nickens b.1839 Wilson TN - 1925 and Catherine 'Kate' Collins b.1843. Walter Nickens is the son of George Nickens and Elizabeth Archer.

    According to Lloyd Collins this is the family of Carrol Jackson Nickens and Nancy Jane Collins.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    GrandFather - Drybread, Wheatley, Marshall, Cotton, Kitchen, Passmore, Harrell, Coppock, Pontius, Zeller, Waters, Charlton, Sager, Barbee, Wimberley, Decker, Nay, Hibbs, Tucker, Irwin, Baker, Cone, Llewellyn, Bayley, Miller->Bunch
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