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Thread: Rogers/Rodgers Family (VA->TN->and beyond!) Nansemond? Nottoway ? GOINS and GIBSON

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    Thanks and nice to meet you as well
    It is a little nerve wracking to try to go back 350-400 years to make family connections and then finding the "proof" of it even harder, especially if its the females information after 1850....!!

  2. Question Long Lost Rogers Family?

    I just found this thread and would like to post some information that I have dug up, to see if it matches up with anyone here.

    I have been digging into our ancestry for a long time now and always seem to run into roadblocks when it comes to our Rogers lineage (which is the biggest part I am researching atm!) You can see my progress thus far on Ancestry at

    My husband is John Rogers, b. 1976
    Mother: Shirley Ann Whitaker (living)
    Father: Gene Ronald Rogers (living, b. 1957)

    I am tracing Gene's surname line...
    Gene Ronald Rogers parents:
    Mother: Ida Jane Hunt Rogers (b: 19 May 1922, Robeson County, NC. d: 6 May 2010, Surry County, NC)
    Father: Raeford James Rogers (b: 11 July 1922, Robeson County, NC. d: 3 April 1999, Surry County, NC)

    Raeford's parents:
    Mother: Loela Tadlock (b: 15 June 1884, Robeson County, NC. d: 2 Jan 1958, Robeson County, NC)
    Father: Thomas L Rogers (b: 4 Oct 1874, Robeson County, NC. d: 3 Sept 1960, Robeson County, NC)
    ** Gene and his siblings remember Thomas and said he was a thin, stout man. He never spoke of his family or heritage and would get very upset it anyone brought it up. So, we had a lot of digging to find documents showing his parentage, as there were no oral stories told to his children or grandchildren about his parents but I finally dug up his father...**

    Thomas' parents:
    Mother: Malinda Jacobs (b: 15 Nov 1851, Marlboro County, SC. d: 13 Sept 1919, Robeson County, NC)
    Father: James Rogers (b: 28 Apr 1840, Robeson County, NC. d: 21 Sept 1919, Robeson County, NC)

    I have more on the tree but honestly, anything beyond this is purely speculation with no definitive backing! James seems to have been in the household of a John B. Rogers AND a John B. Lewis as a child (according to census records). There is an idea that has been circulated that John Lewis changed his family's name to Rogers on the run from the law but that doesn't make much sense considering the proximity of the houses... people would have known his face before his name back in those days, right? Of course, he could have been orphaned or left by his family and taken in by kin or neighbors but there's no records of that kind of thing.

    James and John have both been frequent names in the family, but then again they are also just really common names.
    We have a rather unique appearance of "Barful Rogers", which COULD trace back to that B. in James B. Lewis/Rogers

    So I am hoping that someone, somewhere can take a look at the family tree that I linked above and match up at least one ancestor on my line to one on your line so we can trace back beyond James.. or at least meet some long lost relatives!!

    The family has a strong identity with Lumbee Indians, are very proud of that heritage and the line is definitely strong through Ida Hunt (our beloved Granny!). One of these days soon, we hope to have enough cash to afford a full genome Y-DNA and MT-DNA test but I'm not giving up on the effectiveness of good, old-fashioned detective work!

    So, I am reaching out to you guys in the hopes that someone has some shred of information that could point us in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

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