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Thread: Austins Unite!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psettler View Post
    My Gedmatch kit # is T112196.

    My sister's, Beverly Austin Gilbert, kit # is T880733.

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    At 7Cm threshold only see one match to my family samples (my 2nd cousin Tammy):

    Comparing Kit T112196 (Patsy Settler)(F) and T659990 (*TLG)(F)

    Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 700 SNPs
    Mismatch-bunching Limit = 350 SNPs
    Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 7.0 cM

    Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
    X 47,283,760 62,047,523 7.3 785
    Largest segment = 7.3 cM
    Total of segments > 7 cM = 7.3 cM Actual.
    GrandMother - Potter, Jones, Smith, Gates, Walburn, Good, Routh, Redfern, Brower, Bechtel, Buck, Wiley, Beeler, Kyger, Heaton, Stainbrook, Ihinger, McColley, Thomas, Franklin, Warden, Hurst, Schule, Mauler, Weller, Snyder
    GrandFather - Drybread, Wheatley, Marshall, Cotton, Kitchen, Passmore, Harrell, Coppock, Pontius, Zeller, Waters, Charlton, Sager, Barbee, Wimberley, Decker, Nay, Hibbs, Tucker, Irwin, Baker, Cone, Llewellyn, Bayley, Miller->Bunch
    DNA - Parrish, Merritt, White

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    Hello From Arkansas

    Quote Originally Posted by Austinlynn View Post
    Columbus was an evil man. My daughter lives on St Croix in the American Virgin Islands.The people there hate him. He destroyed the original people who lived there.

    I found a publication that the Austin family has put out with a genealogy from every section of the United States. Who knew?

    My 79 year old mother said to me today.." i always knew it" even though her family never spoke of their heritage because of the Jim Crow laws, She knew. I am working on this for her. She has begun to remember stories and now they make sense to her. I plan to go later this week with a pen and paper and take notes.

    She knew the Hungerford side of her family. There is a castle in England.It is now a protected park. We have pictures. Some of my cousins have visited. One of my mothers 21 aunt/uncles did a Hungerford genealogy. So I learned a lot from her research about my mother fathers family. The Smithsonian Institute was started by a Hungerford who married a Smithson.

    The Austins and Vaughans were much harder to find. My grandmother Leota Ester Hungerford (maiden name Austin) had 10 siblings. One of them settled in Utah and married a mormon. (Great Valley Austin) He changed his name to Grand Vernon Austin. I found his grand daughter inlays email address a couple years ago on a mormon genealogy web site. I scanned photos of her grandfather and his family and emailed them to her. Since then, she has worked fervently on the Austin side of the family. She has her religious reasons, but it serves to help me out. I appreciate why they have done to add to the family line . There are a few others who have also added to the genealogy of the Austins. There are stories and notes. I am not a writer, but reading all of the notes and history makes me want to write a book about the Austins. John Champness Astin Jr, who I am descended from, had a brother named Valentine. He had a daughter born to him. She is named after his mother Hannah. He gave his daughter to his mother, Hannah Honor Love. The note said that they believe that Valentines wife must have died and since she was an infant girl, he was not allowed to raise her or was urged by his church or community to give her to his mother. Im not quite sure which.

    My name is Brenda and these Austin's are also my ancestors. John Champness Austin married Hannah Honor Love. These are ancestors from my mother's side of my family. My Grand mother was Easter K. Austin, she married Henry Sanders. Their daughter, Lucille Austin Sanders was my mother. I have not yet heard of the story about Valentine's daughter being given to his mother, this is very interesting. I would sincerely enjoy hearing from you. My email address is below.
    Best Regards,
    Brenda Russell

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