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Thread: Shepherd/Epps families VA, NC

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    Shepherd/Epps families VA, NC

    Hello Everyone
    Im new here and am hoping to find some information on my 3rd great grandparents John Shepherd b: 1810 in NC and Temperature Epps Shepherd b: 1814 in VA They were listed on the 1840 Halifax Co VA census as Free Colored Persons (John is the only one listed by name). John is listed right below Byrd Shepherd (I think John and Byrd were brothers). I also found John and Byrd on the 1850 Caswell Co NC census (but living in Person Co) living near each other and both families enumerated as Mulatto. John and Temperance along other families left Person Co around 1855 for Hawkins Co TN and finally settling in White/Van Buren Co TN (1860 census). They left TN around 1879 arriving in Yell Co Arkansas in 1880 (1880 census).
    I and many others as of now do not know who John and Temperance parents were. Possible father for Temperance (according to 2 other researchers) might be Freeman Epps. According to GM Shepherd (son of John and Tempy) Temperance was the 5th child born to her parents, that her parents were married in VA and passed away in NC one in 1831 the other on 11-12-1857 (I dont know at this time which died on which date).
    As to Johns parents, no one I've communicated with know who his parents were. As I wrote I feel that John and Byrd were brothers (only by association), but I've not found any proof. I am DNA "cousins" with Byrds 2nd and 3rd great grandsons. But I am also related to them thru the Epps family.
    Any help I would receive on this would be Greatly appreciated. I have done a DNA test and I do have Euro/African/Native American roots. If anyone would like to compare results you can message me and I will gladly give my Gedmatch kit #.
    Thank you all for your time. Hoping to make some friends and finding family.
    Regards.... Rich

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    Sappony Epps in the news

    Saw this recent story about Tom Epps. Reminded me of your posts here...

    County born Sappony Indian and Vietnam veteran reaches success as result of hard work

    GrandMother - Potter, Jones, Smith, Gates, Walburn, Good, Routh, Redfern, Brower, Bechtel, Buck, Wiley, Beeler, Kyger, Heaton, Stainbrook, Ihinger, McColley, Thomas, Franklin, Warden, Hurst, Schule, Mauler, Weller, Snyder
    GrandFather - Drybread, Wheatley, Marshall, Cotton, Kitchen, Passmore, Harrell, Coppock, Pontius, Zeller, Waters, Charlton, Sager, Barbee, Wimberley, Decker, Nay, Hibbs, Tucker, Irwin, Baker, Cone, Llewellyn, Bayley, Miller->Bunch
    DNA - Parrish, Merritt, White

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