I'm doing research on my 5th great-grandfather, David Bly. A legal record places him near Forks of Buffalo in Amherst as early as 1768. On November 5, 1770, from William and Ann Gatewood. David's wife's name was Mary MNU, since her name appears on a couple of sales. I don't know where David and Mary were born, or who their parents names were. I suspect that Mary was a Monacan, but I can't find documentation supporting that. Some say that David was the son of William or Samuel. As of today, their origins remain a mystery. They had a son born in Amherst on December 23, 1780 named John Bly.

They moved to Kentucky abt. 1788 where David purchased land. John married in 1800 to a woman named Charity Adams, born in 1783 in Southern Kentucky. Some say her father's name was William Adams born in North Carolina, but her mother's name is unknown. I read that Adams was a Melungeon surname. Charity might have been a mixed-blood Cherokee or a Yuchi.

I attached several screenshots of David Bly's land deeds in Amherst County. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. And pics of Abraham Bly, the son of John and Charity.Click image for larger version. 

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