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Thread: Native Americans in the American Revolution

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    Native Americans in the American Revolution

    Rick Haithcock is going to be giving a presentation on Native Americans in the American Revolution in Findlay Ohio, July 4th from 10-11am at Dorney Plaza.

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    My patriot ancestor that got me into the Daughters of the American Revolution is part of my mixed line. My cousin and I believe he was mixed. His grandchildren married into the family of my "Blackfoot" who was known to have said she never crossed the threshold of a white man.

    Grandmother: McLane, Green, Sinkey, McCartney, Potter, Butt, Huston, Ralston, Horner, Davis, DeMoss, French, Beaver, ...

    Grandfather: Carpenter, Swearingen, Tomlinson, McMurray, Mount, all from PA area. VA and KY areas - Talbot, Schollars, Gordon, Davis, Walker, Featherkile, Morton, Chiles, Grayson, Davis, Moore, Wright, Johns, Carr, Sisk, Isham, Clayton, Shelton

    Paternal is German, documented at Ellis Island.

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