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    Post Uriah Jeffries Greensville County, VA

    I'm trying to locate information on my relative Uriah Jeffries (Jeffreys) born about 1802, and his mother Sarah (Sallie). Sarah is appears to be part Saponi. There is little information on either person until Uriah shows up as a cabinet maker in Ohio. I'm directly related to Uriah, and recent Y-DNA test shows a direct connection to the Avent family. The Avent family also lived nearby Sarah (Sallie) in Greensville County, VA. I will appreciate anybody who has information and can share it with me.

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    I've been asked if our Indiana Jones-Smith line is connected to the Jeffries cabinet makers there.

    Is your Uriah Jeffries the one in Xenia, Greene County Ohio in 1860 listed as cabinet maker with wife Catharin and seven children? On the same page there is another Jeffries household, and a Jones. There is also a Bowers. Brower is a line that marries into our Indiana Jones-Smith line with Saponi oral history.

    Looking at my DNA cousins trees for Y-DNA Avent lines marrying into Saponi names...

    There are multiple descendants of Peter Avent b.1720 Albermale VA -1779 who marries a Sims and a Massey and whose child marries a Bolling descendant. His mother is listed as Margaret Gooch. One later generation in this tree is born in Granville NC and passes in Indiana. More descendants seem to have gone to Tennessee. The marry into Smith, Boling, Day, Miller and Hedrick lines that are have Saponi history.

    The oldest picture in these lines is Caleb Baker.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	caleb_baker.jpg 
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ID:	1145 b.1813 Ashe NC - 1886 Texas
    Grandson of Elizabeth Avent, g-granson of Peter Avent. Mother listed as Mourning Dove, her mother as Red Wing with no husbands listed. Females in later generations are named Morning as well some in Harlan KY.
    GrandMother - Potter, Jones, Smith, Gates, Walburn, Good, Routh, Redfern, Brower, Bechtel, Buck, Wiley, Beeler, Kyger, Heaton, Stainbrook, Ihinger, McColley, Thomas, Franklin, Warden, Hurst, Schule, Mauler, Weller, Snyder
    GrandFather - Drybread, Wheatley, Marshall, Cotton, Kitchen, Passmore, Harrell, Coppock, Pontius, Zeller, Waters, Charlton, Sager, Barbee, Wimberley, Decker, Nay, Hibbs, Tucker, Irwin, Baker, Cone, Llewellyn, Bayley, Miller->Bunch
    DNA - Parrish, Merritt, White

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    Uriah Jeffries (Jeffreys)

    Yes, I'm related and searching for info on the Xenia Cabinet maker Uriah Jeffries. His wife is actually Caroline R. Jeffries, and yes they did have 7 children. I'm further related through his son Uriah Henry Jeffries - sometime shown as Henry. You may be aware that Uriah worked for a time in North Carolina with the famous cabinet maker Thomas Day. I'm told that that Uriah's cabin still stand in Cedarville, OH. I'm also in contact with the Avent family and will ask if they are they are related to the Baker family. I can put you in touch with the Avent family historian if so. If you do happen to come up with any early info on Uriah or his mother, Sarah, please let me know. Thanks, Jim

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    Hi James,

    Have you seen the biography that was done on Uriah in the 1881 Greene County history book? It mentions about him being a cabinet maker and that he is the descendant of the Catawba Indians. He was mentioned in the 1918 history book, as well as, a handful of newspaper articles, too.

    Have you seen these websites?

    This is what I have in my tree...

    Uriah Jeffries
    .Sally Jeffries
    ..Andrew "Drury" Jeffries & Mary Dole
    ...John Jeffries & Judy Lane

    Have you by chance done any autosomal testing? Most of my Jeffries DNA matches are all going back to John Jeffries & Judith/Judy Lane. About a dozen of them have ties to Greene County, Ohio. One is even a descendant of Uriah & Caroline Jeffries through their son, Mason Jeffries & Johanna Haithcock.

    Hmm...The connection to Avent is interesting. Sally also had children with Darius Robinson. I had this page bookmarked...

    One of Sally's sons with Darius Robinson went to court because he was denied the right to vote:

    1. The trustees of Zenia Township denied Parker Jeffries the right to vote because he was a "person of color." He sued them in court and provided depositions from witnesses who had been neighbors of the Jeffries family in Greensville County in order to prove that he was white and Indian. Sally Robinson deposed that Sally Jeffries "claimed to be of White and Indian and I never heard anything to the contrary." Henry Wyche deposed that he believed Andrew Jeffries was "of Indian and White" (blood). Susan Wooten deposed that she grew up near the family where they lived in Greensville County. (She was probably married to or a member of the mixed-race Wooten family who lived just across the state line in Northampton County, North Carolina). Parker lost his case in the local court but won his appeal to the supreme court of Ohio which ruled that: There have been, even in this state, since its organization, many persons of the precise breed of this plaintiff, I mean the offspring of whites and half-breed Indians, who have exercised political privileges and filled offices, and worthily discharged the duties of officers. One such is now a clerk of this court, and two are now members of this bar. In 1831 in the case of Polly Gray v. State of Ohio, 4 Ohio, 354, and in 1833, in the case of Williamson v. School Directors, etc., Wright, 178, it was held that, in the constitution, and the laws on this subject, there were enumerated three descriptions of persons--whites, blacks and mulattoes--upon the two last of whom disabilities rested; that the mulatto was the middle term between the extremes, or the offspring of white and black; that all nearer white than black, or of the grade between the mulattoes and the whites, were entitled to enjoy every political and social privilege of the white citizen [Edwin M. Stanton, Reporter, Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Ohio (1873), XI:318-21].
    quote from


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    Uriah Jeffries (Jeffreys)

    Thank you, Stacy for all of your information and weblinks, which I will check out. I have had both an Autosomal and Y-DNA test run through Family Tree DNA, and because it was on sale, have just submitted a sample for an Autosomal test with I would also like to ask you if you are related to the Jeffries family? My family is from Greenfield just a little South of you. I also have from the noted researchers David Sciacchitano and Forest Hazel a complete family tree dating back to John Jeffries. I've scanned this info into a PDF file if you have any interest in that, please let me know. I'm also planning on attending a Jeffries family reunion near Greenfield on Oct. 1 to meet cousins who I've never met before. I'm guessing it's been about 50 years since I was last in IN. I'm very appreciative for you taking your time for the response and web links. BTW my Y-DNA test shows a direct connection to the Avent family and not to either the Jeffries or Robinson family. I'm related up through to Uriah and his mother Sarah (Sallie). It would suggest that Uriah was sired by an unknown Avent male. The Avent family lived close to the Jeffries in Greenesville Co. IN. As you may know Mourning Jeffries, Sarah's sister lost a lawsuit against Henry Avent who she accused of fathering her child. Thanks again for all your help, Jim

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    Hi Jim,

    Have you uploaded your autosomal results to GedMatch? If you haven't, it is free, and offers more tools, like a chromosome browser and admixture tests, to work with. And, you can compare your data to people that have dna tested at other places (AncestryDNA, FTDNA, 23andMe, WeGene, MyHeritage). There are quite a bit of Jeffries descendants on there.

    Yes and no. I believe my 4GGrandmother was a Jeffries (and a granddaughter of John Jeffries and Judy Lane), but I'm still working to prove or disprove this theory. I have circumstantial evidence, but I wish I could find a will or other primary records to prove my suspicion, but I'm hoping that mapping my dna segments will help. My Jones family lived near (in both Greensville County, Virginia and Greene County, Ohio), interacted with, and married into the Guys, Days, Jeffries, etc. Several of my dna matches that have Jeffries are as close as 4th cousins.

    Yes, I would be interested in the family tree. I'll message you my email.

    The lawsuit between Mourning Jeffries and Henry Avent is mentioned in the freeafricanamericans link above.

    Here is a link to the "1787 Petition to Alter the Boundary Between Brunswick & Greensville Counties, Virginia". It just further shows that these families (Jeffries/Jefferson/Jeffres, Avent, Robinson, Mitchell, Vick, Cato, Webb, Lane/Lain, Rosser, Garner, Harris, Hathcock/Haithcock, Goings, etc) all lived near each other:

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