I am on Gedmatch as is my mother. Some people here are connected. Mom's number is A231339. Mine is M512763 (and T494404 and A434343. Yes, I tested in all major 3 companies. I also uploaded to WeGene, DNALand and MyHeritage. I have been diagnosed with a genetic issue since I first joined and many of my DNA efforts are an attempt to find a cure for me and my family.)

If we share numbers, we can easier to one-to-one matches. And, if you have not uploaded to Gedmatch, do so. It is free and offers many more tools. I think that they have better admixture tools. None of the major companies sees my NA, but Gedmatch does. Oh, wait, the latest update to FamilyTreeDNA where I transferred Mom's results does show Siberian for her. I trust the results on Gedmatch most. Somewhere, my sister inherited epicanthic folds .

Cindy Anderson, AKA Techteach