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Thread: Senter,Stanley,Spencer,Surratt,Woods,etc.

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    Looking for information on these sure names from North Carolina,va.,WV.Tenn.Ga.etc.Especially seeking info.and connections for a Zachariah (Zack)Senter.He was born sometime around 1774,supposedly Mt.Airy,Surry County,North Carolina.This is all I have on him except I did locate him on a 1790 Federal Census for Surry County.he was the father of John Senter,born 1799,of North Carolina.John married Hollan Stanley,daughter of Oliver Stanley.They're son Solomon married Nancy Spencer.Daughter of William Henry Spencer and Susannah Dean.Other names associated are Leonard,Carter,Jarrell,Shouse,Hess,Hiatt,Bryant,et c.Thank you in advance.

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    Hi, Ann,
    In 1840 Surry Co NC, your John Center (age 40 to 49 y/o) is living next door to Zachariah Center (age 80 to 89 y/o - which would make him born in the 1750's). Zachariah isn't there in 1850 so he probably died before then. John was 51 on the 1850 census (Mt Airy District) as you know.

    "Zach.a Center" is listed on the 1810 Surry Co census as over 45 y/o. (the "a" was elevated with a line under it.)
    On the 1790 Surry Co NC census, Zachariah Center is listed as the head of household, and is presumably the male who is "over 16 yrs old", so he could have been born in 1774, but he was probably older as shown by the 1810 thru 1840 census.

    a Zach Center served in the Rev. War in Virginia ("Register of Virginians in the Revolution", p.141).

    From the Virginia Gen. Soc. Qtrly, series 28, vol.28, number 1 :

    "At a court held for Albermarle County March 14, 1783, the Sheriff ordered the following removals, insolvents and errors be certified for deduction from the tax laid in said county last year."
    Among other names on that list:
    "Zachariah Senter, Removed and No Property found."

    which is when he probably "removed" to Surry Co NC and is found on the 1790 Surry Co NC Census as "over 16" years old, with one male under 16 and 2 females in his household.

    a "Stephen Center" (maybe Zach's brother?) took the Oath of Allegiance in 1777 Pittsylvania Co., Va and shows up in Surry Co NC marrying Polly Jonson in 1814 and ends up in Montgomery Co., Ky by 1840. But... this Stephen could also be the same as the Steven Center who marr'd Anne Holland on 26 Jan 1779 in Lincoln Co., NC. Bondsman: James Sentter & Jinkin Jinkins. Wit: And. Neel.

    A possible "clue trail":
    On a 1736 list of "Accounts from the Store of Thomas Partridage & Co., Hanover Co., Va", is listed a "John Sentor".

    a "John Center" is listed on the 1704 Quit Rent Rolls of Virginia for 100 acres in James City Co., Va.

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    Senter Family,N.C.Va.Miss.Tenn,etc

    Bill,thank you so much.Youhave discovered more than I have in the last 5 years.So,I still wonder who Zach's wife was and his parents?Hmmm,really what is interesting I have'nt found anything about him being in Kentucky.And undoubtedly it seems there is a possible connection to him Steven and John Senter.They're are several Stephen Senter's (Center) and JOhn's.My understanding they're was 2 brothers in the family,they had a disagreement,went seperate ways and one altered the last name spelling from S to C.I've also found Senter to be a middle name in several families.Could this possibly be a link as well?Anything you can help me with is great,I have no family members remaining to get information from.I know they're supposed to have Indian Ancestry.Not sure if it is Black Foot,Cherokee,etc.or what.My mother once said Black Foot,her sister said Cherokee.So,I am trying to check all areas.I know this is a long a drawn out process but necessary.If I can think of anything else I'll let you know.Ann

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