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    This is a great opportunity to enhance your genealogy research and more. Autosomal testing as well as male and female lines testing allows you to share research with many fellow researchers. See https://www.23andme.com/



    familytree has a sale too right now.



    Hey Cindy, nice to hear from you. I know I’ve asked you before, but what was the name of the test you had that showed percentages of ethnicity?



    The test is called an autosomal test. It measures a different part of the DNA. This test has recently been found to identify relatives back as far as 6 generations on both sides of the family. It is not limited to males and females as the sex-related DNA tests are. 23andMe has this measure. This autosomal test can also tells you your medical risks. However, what i have read of 23andMe is that its privacy controls are very tight, so that it makes it harder than Family Finder to communicate with your relative matches. This is because 23andme provides the medical information.

    FamilytreeDNA has an autosomal test now too, but it does not provide medical information (I found a free online program that reads your raw DNA information if you want that information.). You take the Family Finder test which is on sale right now and then you can not only find out your relatives but also your ethnicity (Population Finder). It reads both maternal and paternal relationships. I took this test and was able to find one cousin who I would not have found without this kind of test as we have mixed male and female lines. At the same time, I have lots of Family Finder matches where we cannot determine our relationship. The results are affected by ancestors who married relatives, so you can show up as closer relatives than you are.

    The Population Finder has different results than the autosomal test I had done 6 years ago. That one matched my genealogy. Population Finder does not. FamilytreeDNA states that Population Finder is beta and based on limited and carefully controlled DNA studies.

    If you take one of these tests, I recommend that you know both sides of your tree. I did not but have since built a tree on ancestry.com that has several generations on both Mom and Dad’s sides. I was first contacted by someone who seemed to match in my father’s line, and I did not know Dad’s ancestors at the time. Since then, I learned more and find that my lines double over in at least 3 places, so that would lead to some of these false positives.


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