Area Cherokee In Violation Of Indian Removal Act Of 1830

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    Area Cherokee In Violation Of Indian Removal Act Of 1830

    December 7, 2005 | Issue 41•49

    DAHLONEGA, GA—Authorities issued a warrant for the arrest and forced relocation of local carpenter and half-blooded Cherokee Indian Jonathan Silvers Monday, when he was found to be in violation of the federal Indian Removal Act of 1830.

    Half-blood Cherokee Jonathan Silvers outside his soon-to-be-vacated home.

    “Mr. Silvers is in violation of federal law,” said Col. Jack Kippler, who is leading the Bureau of Indian Affairs case against Silvers. “For this reason, he was taken into custody, and he is currently awaiting forcible resettlement on a Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma by the U.S. Army.”

    Once in Oklahoma, Silvers and his wife and two children will be permanently housed in a trailer home.

    According to Silvers’ lawyers, the Cherokee Indian did not realize he was living in violation of the 175-year-old act signed into law by Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the U.S.

    “When I told my wife that, under American federal law, we were going to have to leave everything behind and start over in Oklahoma, she was furious,” Silvers said. “I blame myself: I totally blanked on the Indian Removal Act of 1830 when looking for a place to live.”

    The BIA is currently fielding applications from families who would like to live on Silvers’ former land. According to Kippler, the Silvers’ two-story, 1,600-square-foot house, valued at $145,000, would make an excellent home for a white family.

    “It’s a nice house,” Kippler said. “They’ve taken very good care of the place, really shown it a lot of love. It has one and a half baths and a very nice finished basement with a TV den.”

    Army personnel say the Silvers will be given sufficient time to pack their belongings into the trunk of a police cruiser before they are escorted to their new and federally mandated homeland. Additionally, the U.S. government has taken responsibility for euthanizing the Silvers’ dog, Spunky.

    “I don’t see the kids taking this too well,” Silvers said. “Already, they’re worrying about making new friends in Oklahoma… But what are you going to do? The law is the law.”

    “They’ll be in tears the whole car ride there, I expect,” he added.

    Silvers told reporters that his forcible ejection under armed guard could not have come at a worse time.

    “We just ordered a new couch from Ikea,” Silvers said. “Who’s going to get that? The new white family? Maybe I can cancel the order.”

    Mark Twoblood, an attorney with the National Native American Bar Association, has reviewed Silvers’ claim to the land and home he purchased in 1997, and he says there is little he can do under the existing law.

    “I’ve submitted Silvers’ case to the Supreme Court, but it is very unlikely that they will add it to next term’s docket,” Twoblood said. “I have done what I can. I would like to wish him and his family good luck in their new home.”

    Twoblood reportedly gave the Silvers a decorative dreamcatcher as a housewarming gift.


    This is absolutely SICK, what law did he break? and where is reality on this, really what a bunch of raod apples!

    I’d call Bush and let him know personally of this, think of the victims of katrina and they’re still pulling this colonial %$#@ , this really can’t be happening.

    Lastly , this may not have happened if the Ga. Cherokees did not ask for Federal recognition, the Georgia elders said that this would happen if the FEDs got into the picture!


    I hope that this is a joke, !

    quest for facts

    I hope this is some sort of sick joke. This is the United States of America and we as Native Americans are free to live where we choose. I really hope this is some sort of sick joke…it’s unreal



    Don’t feel bad guys, I heard of this from a lady who fell for it, after seeing it on her local tv station, which had apparently fallen for it too. This is from “The Onion” a satirical e-paper. One of their other articles claims that Cheney uses the White House intercom system to say things to Bush that Bush thinks is the voice of God.

    Sorry, I love satire.

    Coharie Roy


    That was really, really clever satire. (Like you, I too love satire. And The Onion is really good at it.)

    I’ve forwarded it to several of our radio talk show hosts here in Baltimore, as well as to all my friends and relatives.

    It DOES give you pause, and engenders genuine outrage … and yet… some 171 years ago, this was actually happening.

    It makes me question, what “things” are we doing now that our descendants will consider barbaric and outrageous 171 years hence?

    Bill Childs

    Delicious Satire!!!!

    I laughed/cried ’til I couldn’t see any more!!!!

    That’s much better than….

    “Tornado hits cemetery, hundreds are dead”.

    ‘guess I need to get ‘over here’ more often!


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