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    lentz of nc

    We all seem to be spread out. As I was glancing at some of the post. I did notice more today the areas we live. I live in what use to be a small city boardered by alot of country. Now of coarse it seems to be more city the older I get. My piece of property has a creek running through it. Makes it feel so peaceful. The weather is mainly warm except the dead of Winter . Whats it like where you live. As you can see I dont travel extensivly. Just curious about where everyone lives I noticed Vance says Canada, and there is more , but cant remember at the moment(Its not in front of me) Country , or City

    Just a little shoot the breeze:) 🙂

    lentz of nc

    See I told you the post were not in front of me. It was Tom that was Canda, sorry Vance. But we all live in different areas!!:) 😀


    I live in Oregon.


    I live in Southern Minnesota along the beautiful Mississippi river valley.


    lentz of nc

    I thank-you for answering I was just curiuos because I love the country and warm weather. I was just trying to have a little fun and find out if more of us live in big cities or in the wide open country:)


    Even though I was raised in the country I now live in town. But I’m a country girl at heart. I hate living in town. After my hubby had a stroke we had to move into town to be near my daughter so she could help with him.

    But if I had my way I would live in the country. It’s true that you can take the kid out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the kid. I really miss the pond and the wildlife. Although we do have some racoons here and a few possums. It still isn’t the same.


    As you can see, I’m posting from “San Francisco, of all places”. I grew up in rural Louisiana and have lived in a lot of places. However, for the past 8 yrs I’ve been living in this city. I have come to the realization that I while I can’t live right in the country anymore, I can’t take the city either. It is literally making me sick! I’m trying to relocate to northwest Arkansas to MUCH a smaller city. People out here laugh and ask why in the world would I want to do that, I tell them that if they have to ask like that, then they won’t understand my answer.

    horse and hound

    I have always been a nature lover, being a child of a construction worker, I grew up all over, But I always wanted to be an animal farmer, So I married one. I live in southern Illinois on a farm. My closes neighbor is over 1/2 mile either way from me.

    lentz of nc

    Most of the answers so far seems the country rules. I assumed alot of us would prefer the country living but I just had to ask. Thank-you to all that have answered. 🙂 My area has had some beautiful warm weather lately , so Im loving it. Not much of the cold weather person.


    Posting from the dry side of the Great Pacific Northwest. I think I’ve managed to plant myself in Oregon, although I’m in Washington quite a bit for work, and occasionally Idaho. For a while I was hoping state lines faster than my license plates could keep up.


    Hello, thought Id join in this post here.

    Im in northern Indiana, a hop, skip, and jump

    from Michigan. Im finally in the country where

    I love and belong.:D


    Hey well Iam in Southern Alberta Canada, and Iam 2nd generation Canadian, and very proud of this country and where I live.

    I live in a small town, but make my living these days out in the wilds, digging Alberta’s gem stone.

    I grew up formally on a small farm or very small towns the rural areas were out my back door, so being born to the land like most folks it always calls me back.

    The best way anyone ever sid it was ” Pard, don’t fence me in”!


    I grew up on a farm in Iowa. I spent many a night walking out in the field with my dog and whatever cats would tag along. Have not been particularly outdoorsy as my kids grew up; can’t stand the bugs that always seem to zero in on me. However, while we now live in the city, we just bought a small trailer and canoe, so we like to travel in this. And we have a large lot with a tall fence to give us at least a sense of space and privacy.

    Spent a week on Lakota reservation this last summer. Was wonderful – wide open and few bugs.



    I think you’ll like the point out on Kerr Lake, near where the Occoneechee, Tutelo and Saponi Islands were. There’s always a breeze, and scarcely any bugs.

    As for me, I grew up in a blue-collar suburb of Chicago, which at the time seemed outrageously mediocre, hemmed in by industrial districts, though the forest preserves were nearby. I live in the country now, on Kerr Lake. This is a very underdevoloped subdivision, on a peninsula, bounded by Corps property (forest preserves). It’s like living in a state park. I love it. Just woods and water.


    Dreaminghawk and I live in rural Person county, NC. Just a short drive from several large cities, but, far enough away to have peace and quiet most of the time. I grew up in Durham, which is a large city, but then moved to Person county when my second child was born (24 yrs ago) and have been there ever since. I love being able to sit out on our porch and see the trees and wildlife. On my drive to work every day, I can watch the leaves change and the deer, possums, hawks, rabbits, egrets, geese, just to name a few.

    Around here farmers grow tobacco, soybeans, corn for profit and some have gone to producing pick-your-own fruit as a sideline. Sadly, many farms have turned to developers and sold out their land for housing.

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