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    Mousini78 wrote: Dreaminghawk and I live in rural Person county, NC. Just a short drive from several large cities, but, far enough away to have peace and quiet most of the time. I grew up in Durham, which is a large city, but then moved to Person county when my second child was born (24 yrs ago) and have been there ever since. I love being able to sit out on our porch and see the trees and wildlife. On my drive to work every day, I can watch the leaves change and the deer, possums, hawks, rabbits, egrets, geese, just to name a few.

    Around here farmers grow tobacco, soybeans, corn for profit and some have gone to producing pick-your-own fruit as a sideline. Sadly, many farms have turned to developers and sold out their land for housing.

    Sounds wonderful… One of my aunts lives in beautiful Nicholas county WV; her small cabin sits in a valley with a spring fed pond out back. She rarely leaves the area, I can understand why.


    I grew up and still live in a nice country area in VA, about 1 hr each way away from cities. I can’t stand the city. Went to Mt. Vernon NY over the weekend and couldn’t STAND it!!! I love it here. We go trumping through the woods all the time, seeing the scurrying squirrels and deer, listening to the owls. In the summer, we go to our lake to go fishing….it’s about a mile east of our house. All of this land was originally owned by my great-great grandfather…..we’ve tried to keep as much of it in the family as possible. I hate it when a lot has been sold to an “outsider” who doesn’t appreciate the sentimental value of the land.

    I love everything about nature….it’s beautiful and quiet out here, too. (Except for when our neighbor decides to practice shooting his shotgun in his backyard:mad: )

    Roland Klein

    I’m repeating Myself here from Avatar Forum, but thought I’d follow Today’s Question here in the Breezy Room…

    I’m originally from Eastern Kentucky, my various families converged there from 1790s to around 1840. On my Father’s: The Klein name comes from Peter Klein (Cline) from Germany, fought in American Revolution then, headed for the Mountains and settled on the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River around 1794, what is now Peter’s Creek, near Phelphs in Pike Co., Ky.

    My Father’s Mother’s side is Obediah Fields b. 1795 (North Carolina) and his wife Lydia Upton Fields. They moved quite a bit. From Western North Carolina, To Kentucky, then back and forth from Kentucky to Claiborne Co., Tennessee very near the Cumberland Gap. Obediah was one-half Cherokee, and Lydia Upton, one-quarter.

    There’s reputed to be Native American on my Mother’s side. She certainly looked it. And, she always told the story how a great-great Grandmother used to swim across the Ohio River, among other things… But, I have as yet been able to find those connections.

    Ancestral names on my Father’s side are: Klein (Cline), Fields, McAlister, Upton, McCoy, Francisco, Burris, Bond, Hensley, Jackson, Fuller, Salling, Reiff…

    Ancestral names on my Mother’s side are: Bradley, Maynard, Patrick, Cole, Pigg, Nichols, Dickerson, Prather, Wilcoxen, Walker…

    Moslty in the Virginia, Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee area.

    I live in Upstate New York in the Fingerlakes region and am remodelling a 1820s Greek Revivial. I’ve been in newspapers most of my career but over the last few years in Colorado and now in New York I have been acting, writing, and directing stage productions. I’m now in the process of updating a One-Man-Show I did in Colorado called: Appalachian Songs: Kentucky Stories: 500-Million Years of Moutain History.

    I love conversation, philosophy, art, and music… and am by all means a Hedonist… in the true Epicurean tradition.



    I was raised in the country while growing up and presently am again near toledo ohio. The area is flat land with lots of corn. For about 4 years lived in city of sacramento. I enjoy living more in the country with the freedoms of movement on the old ottawa reservation ( The part that was given to peter manore).

    lentz of nc

    🙂 Its been great hearing all the responces. You actually get to here about other places. It seems so far we all have kind a little country:) even close to the cities. Thanks for all the answers. Its neat to hear about the different areas .:)



    I live in Southern Indiana about 2 miles “as the crow flies” from the Ohio River. I’m within the city limits of a relatively small town, New Albany, but I have six acres of fields, woods, and bottom land, with a small creek running through the property. My grandmother and granddad bought this place in the early 1940’s. She passed away in 1997. We’re close to Louisville, KY but it seems like the country here with six acres. It’s where I grew up so this will ALWAYS be home to me. I live with my wife who’s a Special Ed. elementary school teacher and two daughters, 13 and 15 y/o.


    Quite Bull

    I live in Lancaster South Carolina near Cherew

    Red Metis

    Born and raised in NE Florida–Jacksonville. I can’t even put into words the sadness I feel about how much Florida has changed! The part of town where I live in used to be out in the ‘boonies’ just 15 years ago. Now, no tree; no lot of grass or undeveloped land is safe. Somehow, developed areas carefully bordered with clipped, manicured, and immaculately groomed landscape (especially for folks with the big cashdollars) is now the standard of beauty. Can’t see the beach for the condos. It is truly and deeply hateful. I’d leave but I need to live in a warm and moist climate.

    I’m glad to read from your posts that this is not the case everywhere.


    Well, I didn’t include the logging that goes on in our area….it depresses me. The wildlife are slowly losing places to live and there is always a risk that a family cemetery will be destroyed or damaged by those that don’t take the time to walk the property. We visited one place yesterday that barely encompassed the fieldstones…and the whole makeup of the area will change now from a woodland, quiet and serene to a sunny area that will encourage the growth of vines, poison ivy and underbrush.

    And I didn’t include all the hunting that goes on now. I know it’s to keep the population down, but, so many do it for sport and not for game. They kill the deer and take the antlers or just a part of the meat and waste the rest. And I think that is just wrong. We are trying to teach my nephew, who wants to start hunting this year at age 19, that you should use all of the deer and appreciate the gift of the meat before you shoot it. It will be interesting to hear his take on his first kill.

    I try to look at all the good things in our area…and I do enjoy the wildlife…even the owls, which kinda spook me a bit. And I enjoy being off the road and away from the hustle and bustle. I find that as I age I require more and more peace and quiet.


    I’m in a rural,hilly area of Central VA.I like the open space and peace and

    quiet too:D

    It’s family land and the house was built not too long ago.(in the early 00’s)

    Now that a cousin has indicated the likelihood of Saponi ancestry,I feel

    blessed to know that as far as my eye can see and beyond was once inhabited by Saponi and/or other Tutelo-speaking people.


    P.S.-I need to get off my lazy and see the Monasukapanough marker on US

    29 before the end of this year.

    lynne pepper

    I live in Orange Co., N.C., about 12 miles from the Haw river. I used to live a mile and 1/2 from the Haw.



    Hi! I’m from beautiful Knoxville Tennessee.



    Jinkies I’m jealous….of all y’all…I live in a suburb of Cincy, OH…lil town called Landen and our home is in a subdivision of 2 story homes…I feel fortunate to have 4 bedrooms and 3 baths and a full garage and basement and a little pond in the backyard and a old hammock to relax in…I have bird houses and feeders and just love when the deer come thru in the early morning and evening…I used to live on much more acreage with LOTS of wildlife and 2 creeks and an orchard and pond and woods and paths to tromp….oh how I miss it deeply. But alas, city life is my lot for now…I am only about 5 minutes from 2 interstates and the market (grocery) is in a strip mall only 3 minutes away and now we have a new Stupid, er Super Walmart only 5 minutes down the road. My neighbors are pretty dern quiet to be honest…rarely see most of em so that is a “bonus”…but I would just love to some day have a country home/respite and acreage again…and all of the natural joys to go with it. We have walking trails and bike paths and pools and a fishing lake too but it just isn’t the same as untouched country scenery. Nothing beats a morning or early evening walk thru a peaceful woodsy trail…listening to the birds and smelling the wild flowers. *sigh* Blessings to all from here to there~~~Laurie


    Hi to all!

    This is a way to get to know each other a bit better. Great idea:) 🙂 Elkhart, Indiana is now considered part of Michiana. South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart and Goshen all kind of running together. Much much more built up than years ago.

    Seeker, I see you’re still around..we live very close to each other.

    Our home is in an older area of town with tall tall trees and we too like Techteach created sort of a courtyard effect for privacy and as the lot is large, it’s nice. There are tons of birds and squirrels, rabbits, racoons and opposums but rarely do we see deer without driving into the country. We are only less than two hours from Lake Michigan. I grew up partly in Michigan on a lake and I miss the water. It was a very small lake without motorboats. Someday I’d like to get back to there. We do have bald eagles here again. You see them at the city dump which is a landfill, more like a small mountain now. My husband and I call it Mount Elkhart. There is a lot of wildlife there. Hmmm.


    lentz of nc

    🙂 I am so glad some of you like this idea 🙂 I just thought it would be neat.

    I assumed everyone was going to say country… Thats why I asked.

    To get to know and see where our generations ended up:D

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