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    I think Tom was alluding to a quotation of Dr. Samuel Johnson, “when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” Johnson (who lived in England, 1709-1784) wasn’t talking about lynching; but then lynchings are not defined as racially motivated, either. It’s just been common, especially in the south, for that to be the case. (Tom lives waaaay in the north.)


    Thank you, Pappydick!!! Yes….I know Tom’s up in Canada; and gave him the benefit of the doubt from what little I know about him. I hadn’t heard the quote before, but thanks for clearing that up for me. I consider myself quite intelligent, but we can all learn something new everyday.

    So, lucky for you Tom, you don’t get to be throttled!:D You get a double high five.:) 🙂


    Hi, all. I was born in a small town on the edge of the Blue Grass region of Central Kentucky. It is a beautiful place and if you drive a short distance East or South you can see the foothills of the Appalachians. I have lived a lot of places, the last being in the Catskill Mountains of New York, a most spiritual place with a rich Native history, but alas, I needed to move back to KY to be near my family so I am now in the big city of Louisville. Fortunately there are many huge parks here and I live within a mile of the Ohio River but I still visit my little home town and consider that my real home. Blessings, E-wi


    Hey folks, well I was thinking about you a great deal yesterday when I was out Roni.

    I was perched about 200 feet up on a shale cliff with a 60 to 70 degree grade, shovel in hand trying to dig fossils, I don’t use ropes etc to free climb, but I use “crampons” and trust me they really do put a “cramp on” on your feet, kinda like steel soles strapped onto my boots.

    My nephew who does much the same work as I do uses ropes and harness’ etc to go over the top, I start at the base and work up.

    Anyway, up that high does really keep me focused on what I am doing and I did find a bit of gem material. In the future I will post some pic’s. of the views that I manage to get, so you can really see what I do and where I live or atleast spend a couple minutes.

    Enjoyed the posts today!


    Hi Roni,

    Tom is my 2nd cousin. I assure you he wasn’t making any kind of racial slur. He’s a really nice guy. 🙂 I know he doesn’t need me to take up for him because he is a big boy and can take care of himself. But woman to woman, please don’t throttle him. If he’s beat up he can’t do genealogy and that would slow down our hunting hehehe. 🙂

    Rachel McCraw

    Hello all,

    I haven’t been here in a while, but thought I’d chime in on this one.

    Right now, I’m living on the outskirts of London–married a man who already had a steadier job and a house here! It’s almost 3 years since I moved. I think I’d like it a lot better if we moved out a little bit–we’re actually in the suburbs, but they just don’t have the room to sprawl as much in England, and I’m just not used to the crowding and all the noise. I have had to learn to deal with sensory overload better, and at least am not having panic attacks regularly anymore. 😀 We should be able to get a bigger house for less, further from the city, and have been idly looking for one. As for dealing with the people, talk about culture shock. I didn’t even think much about how different (and still Indian) our culture is until I hit England.

    I was born in Bluefield, WV, and my mom moved us back into the New River Valley in VA when I was six. (Her family has been along that stretch of river basically forever.) So, the little more mountainous terrain that you get over into WV still looks “right” to me! I grew up in Radford, a small city, but our neighborhood is right next to a park that is really a finger of the surrounding woods, so having a little bit of nature handy was good. I also spent a lot of time in Bland Co. at my grandmother’s.

    I only saw recently that one of the caves with an entrance in the park was used as a burial cave. My mother already knew this, since the kids liked to go in there and peer around when she was growing up! (They have apparently removed the remains since then, and I’d like to know where.) This would support the old stories of a town site near where Connelly’s Run goes into the river; that cave would be very conveniently placed. So we may well have been living less than 1/4 mile from some ancestors. Our house is just over the top of the little mountain from that cave entrance, and I think part of it actually runs under our house. There’s an opening in the bank behind us that probably goes into the same cave, and I kept digging into it when trying to plant rosebushes! Kind of scary thinking about the stability of the house foundation, though the basement must have been a lot easier to dig. *sigh*

    The land itself feels pleasant here (if flat :p), and seems to enjoy being noticed. I do miss having lots of trees and running water you’re not afraid of getting on your skin. It makes me upset how badly the environment has been damaged here, and I really hope the urban sprawl on the U.S. East Coast lets up before what mountains aren’t knocked down for mining are paved into as bad a state as Southern England.

    Aubrey G. Cole

    Hello All;

    I live in north tenn. approx 45 miles west of Nashville Tenn. approx 20yrs.

    was born in Oldham Co Ky, G-parents came from Va and Harlan Co Ky, g-mo was a Hensley from Upper Martin,s Fork g-fa from Lee Co Va, Calvin Hensley wasmy g-mo’s father, Eliza Bowman Cole was my g-fa’s mother, her father was Hawkins Bowman.

    Aubrey G Cole


    I live in rural Winston Salem, NC, about 50 miles from Henry County, VA, where I grew up.


    Becky and I live on the Flat River on land that was once Osborne Jeffrey’s. The other property that I own, (where I was raised) is the exact same land that old Tom Collins occupied in mid 1700s. It has been in my family since then.


    I live near the infamous Springfield Interchange. One of the more horrible defacements of Creator’s work, or a triumph of modern civil engineering, depending.

    In the aerial photo, in the distance at the top right there is a little woodsy area. My wife and I live there, in the woods.

    This is a baby pileated woodpecker waiting for somebody to come feed him. He’s about 30 feet up a big sycamore tree, maybe 75 feet from my kitchen window. These woodpeckers stay around all year, eat suet from a feeder, and have raised a family in (or in sight of) our back yard for the past eight summers. They are supposed to be shy and nervous, but their family was here before the Springfield Interchange, and they haven’t gotten around to moving out.

    I hope the attachments worked. I never know, until I post.

    Attached files

    horse and hound

    My family is living in a small town outside of Columbus, Ohio. It was called Old Virginia Military ground. My brother is digging up rocks, with drawings and writings on them. He has taken them to Ohio State U. to be studied. They have told him, that they don’t know what they are. My Mother has seem them and says that , yes there is stuff on these rock. Any one have any ideas? My Mother is the connection to the Nichols-Gibson ancestors. I know that this is off track for this thread, sorry.


    I’d LOVE to be him! Sounds interesting! Maybe I should go down near our wooded area called “‘ol ndn ground” and start digging. Well, maybe not…aren’t their grounds considered sacred and not to be disturbed? My dad declares he saw a “half of rabbit” run into a hole back there. It’s spooky.


    I would assume that when they said digging the stones up, they meant by natural farming. I would hope no one decides to go dig up a burial area.

    When we enter cemeteries to do our surveys, which are conducted by photos, and written documentation only, we are very careful to replace anything we move back to the original location, whether upside down or face down or whatever. And I would never think of removing anything without their permission…if we even think of taking a cutting of periwinkle, we ask their permission and leave something there.


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