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    These following posts are from Barb, they are very clear, so I need not comment on them other than that they are the reason I started the thread “In Reply”.

    From :

    Sent : May 15, 2007 3:18:40 PM

    To :

    Subject : Who is this B* anyway!

    Hi Tom,

    I am under attack yet again on Saponi Town. Here’s the private emails .. I’m sick of this crap from these politically correct B*tches! I’m tired of this crap. I’m going to leave Saponi Town. They aren’t doing me any good.

    Take a look and see what I mean.

    ( Sent to Barb by Wachinika)


    Re: Feelings on Ancestors


    “The point here for me is MY personal feelings about my personal life. I don’t see this as a social issue or political issue. It is very personal to me. I don’t ever agree to anyone telling me my personal feelings are wrong. It is a basic human right to be entitled not to have your mind controlled by someone else. I don’t think it is right to tell someone how to think or feel about their personal life as long as they are not verbally abusing someone else. I was raised with that freedom and have exercised it my whole adult life. I think when it comes to personal issues shared it is a matter of if you can’t say something nice or supportive don’t say anything at all. If it’s under the topic of a social, public or political issue then of course that’s up for interaction. I believe even then it’s good to be considerate of other’s right to their opinion. To me this is just good manners, which I’ve been taught by all cultures I’ve interacted with.

    Know I don’t agree to have you follow my posts around and criticise my every thought and feeling. If you call this agreeing to disagree…I don’t. You did not just offend me, you stepped on my soul. We all have the freedom to think and feel whatever we want. I believe it is controlling and emotional abuse to think you should be able to tell others what to think and especially feel about their personal issues especially about their own family or ancestors.

    About being blamed for what your ancestors did…I think the point is that the results of what some of mine did are still felt and dealt with on a daily basis by many living people, myself included. The point is to make sure I don’t perpetuate that harm by apathy.

    I agree public political issues are fair game. But not my personal feelings about my personal life.

    Maybe it would be good if you started a thread under “Shoot The Breeze” to lay out your feelings about blame and what you call political correctness so people who chose to could discuss it rather that attaching it as criticism to every post I make everywhere.

    I am a political person and believe in social activism for Indian causes.

    Posting Indian Issues in the appropriate area is accepted and expected. I think too much criticism of broader Indian issues could be bad for Saponitown. Even when we don’t agree I think we need to show some restaint as repect.

    I actually asked Linda’s opinion about posting the article about UNL sueing the Dept of Homeland Security to see if it was too political or objectionable for this site and she told me to “go for it”.

    Others have been posting very critical and political statements. I haven’t seen you taking after them.

    If it is my plight to be attacked by you each time I post on a political issue so be it.

    But don’t try to control my feelings about my inner personal life. I don’t agree to that in any way and will make it known. It’s just damned rude and self-centered to think everyone in the world or this site should think just like you do. I think we need to be respectful and tolerant of the many personalities here. If there are those we don’t like, I think it good to just avoid them.

    Many here have welcomed me and appreciated my posts. You’ve let me know you don’t. You have never interacted with me in a possitve manner. I ask you to therefore give me my space and avoid unnecessary conflict.”



    Originally Posted by dovelady

    Hello Dianne, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m just very sensitive these days about being blamed for something my ancestors may or may not have done. I’m not a PC (politically correct) person and don’t believe that I have to pay for something someone did a few hundred years ago. Personally, I think this whole PC thing has been blown way out of proportion in our current society. As a result, I don’t always use PC language to expresss my feelings or thoughts on things and may come off as harsh at times.

    I guess, in my own way, I was trying to lift the burden from you by explaining how I look at things and hopefully, you’d see that you don’t have to carry a burden of guilt for something you did not personally do.

    To me, it seems too many people are wearing the guilt of of what their ancestors did and I feel they are spiriturally, emotionally, mentally (you pick which one) bound up with feelings that they shouldn’t have to carry. And that could take up energy that they could use in a positive way. That’s all. I didn’t mean it as a put down to you or anyone else. I’m sorry if you took it that way and hope we can agree to disagree at times and work together in solving this Saponi connection mystery . Peace to you too.

    – Barb


    Originally Posted by Wachinika

    “I don’t mean to be nosey, but why do you feel bad for what your ancestors did? You weren’t there, you weren’t party to their life choices, so why do you feel responsible?”

    I get the feeling from this that you are saying I am wrong to have these thoughts and feelings. I am what I am. I choose not to take a page to explain this further. Either people get it or they don’t, no big deal.

    I would just like to be accepted and respected as an individual with the right to have personal thoughts and feelings and the right to express them.

    I would like it if you explained your own thoughts and feelings instead of questioning mine. Like if you were to say for example:

    “I don’t feel bad for what my ancestors did, I wasn’t there and a party to their choices so I don’t feel responsible.”

    Or even to say:

    “I don’t think you should feel bad for…..”

    That way we’d both exercise our right to be ourselves and express ourselves without having it implied one of us is wrong.

    By the way, this slave trader may have been Cherokee.

    In peace and love…Dianne



    Tom, I agree with Bill. Several of the newer posters have agendas that have nothing to do with SE Siouan history or genealogy. Some of them seem intentionally overly sensitive and confrontational. Scott is another case entirely. His is a case of through-the-roof arrogance and self-importance that goes vindictive and evil if you dare question his opinion. I have lost all respect for him. The sensitive ladies will hopefully get bored and return to the chat boards. They are best ignored until they show real interest. Another case to consider is Blackindiangirl. While her interest is genuine, she continues to play the race card in most of her posts. I will continue to call her hand every time she plays it. Just a heads-up.

    Tom, don’t be discouraged. You are doing a great job.



    well this post is as apropo here as anywhere, I recieved a private message from Wachinka re, spamers , she said theta she would contact Ken aswell, after all of her antics, what is this?

    Personally I don’t like hearing from her, and like always she is up to something.

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