Bird Flu

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    Bill Childs

    A guy got to thinking… well, with all the differenct kinds of flu around, how do ya tell if you’ve got bird flu or some other kind of flu?!?

    So, he called his doctor.

    Doctor says, “Well, that’s a very good question. I’d guess you’d know if you’ve got bird flu if you have an uncontrolable urge to poop on your windshield.”


    I am 61years old,and just started reading this website tonight. I have laughed more about the bird Poop on your windshield, then anything in along time. I appreciate the chance to smile again. I have probably an average intelligentance!!!

    (spelled wrong i believe). But, I have read as much as I could , and I must say, that you all are very ,very nice people. if there is any name I may have down in my genealogy, you are all welcome to what ever I can share.

    Wynkoop;, Downham;, Shepherd;, Van Meter;, Dubois;, Luce;, Dilts/Diltz, ;Lemon;, Mathews/Matthews;Goleanor; Fuller; Haworth;and quite afew more. The one that I am interested in right now is Ruahama, that was from N.C./ or Ky. and the Simons family of Boone Co., ind.. Cass Co., Indiana. If ytou can help me. Thank you Susie.

    Bill Childs

    Hi, Susie. Welcome.

    If you would like to post some specific full name, date & location about a specific ancestor to the “Share Genealogy Research” portion of this Forum (and then click the ‘New Thread’ button) , I’m sure someone will be glad to helpout. The more specific information you can provide will aid in helping you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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