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    I found this in the DIGITAL LIBRARY OF APPALACHIA.

    I can’t listen to it for some reason, but I found it fascinating that a tune called “Blackfoot” was collected. Unfortunately, there is not enough information on line to see how old the tune actually is and where it came from ……

    The Wayne County, KY area has been mentioned a few times here and I know I am curious about some surnames, including Mounts, Blevins, Steel, that show up in early census of the county.

    Also, this is the area around the Cumberland that causes triggers to go off sometimes so it’s a hard area to talk about calmly. [Troxell, Cornblossom country.] At least Chartier’s band of Shawnee did live along the Cumberland for awhile, I think.


    “Fiddle Tunes–Kentucky; Davenport, Clyde; Blackfoot; Fiddle tune played by Clyde Davenport and recorded 5-3-86 by John Harrod in Wayne County, Kentucky.

    Fiddle tune played by Clyde Davenport and recorded 5-3-86 by John Harrod in Wayne County, Kentucky.

    Subject Fiddle Tunes–Kentucky

    Davenport, Clyde


    DLA Category Music

    Identifier be10157r.mp3

    Holding Library Berea College

    Place Wayne County, Kentucky

    Format Audio Cassette Tape

    Note Tune transcription derived from a different recorded version by Davenport is found in “Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes”. Jeff Todd Titon. University Press of Kentucky 2001.

    Relation Tune number A-02 on cassette JH-CT-017-04 in the John Harrod Kentucky Fiddle Music Collection, Berea College Southern Appalachian Archives

    Rights For educational purposes only.

    Type Sound.Music

    File Size 407Kb “


    I got it to open. It’s a lively Bluegrass piece. Can anybody dig deeper with this and find out who did it, maybe find out why it’s called that?


    I can try to get a letter off to Berea College. They must have a contact for their oral hisotry collection projects, or maybe the librarian.



    Brenda and others,

    Click on “Blackfoot” first. Then on the next screen, click on the link “Access this item.” If you have the right sound plugin loaded on your browser, you will hear the song.


    PS: And if your sound is turned up.


    Is this a word song or just music, Iam surprized that there is not more of this type of music around usually music is a big coomunity builder id mixed blood communities.

    Who and where did it originally come from, maybe a small gen, study of the orignal musician could be done, it may lead us back to something.

    Thanx so much for this Brenda.

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