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    Bolivian Indians Revolt.

    Check this out:

    Currently, our Native American brothers and sisters in Bolivia are setting the right example for Native American people throughout the Americas. In the hundreds of thousands they are the backbone of a powerful revolt against their oppressor, the Bolivian government that is backed by the US imperialist bloodsuckers. Our Indian comrades are now in the midst of a people’s uprising that seeks real rights, national self-determination and political power in their country. All Native American groups in the U.S., who have not allowed themselves to be bribed and cowed by the U.S. government, should give our Bolivian comrades unstinting support

    Now, contrast, the noble, courageous and farsighted behavior of the Bolivian Indians with the cowardly, submissive and meek activities of the “Indian leaders” here in the USA, which head the “recognized tribes”. While the Bolivian Indians and their allies are fighting for big things, i.e., “state power” our so-called leaders are only fighting for crumbs, (from paltry cash payments to gambling houses) and leaving the big things, state power in the hands of the enemy. This is the difference between real heroes (the Bolivians) and chumps (the BIA crowed.)

    Bess Veney



    It is good to see some one addressing the issues of our South American Brothers and Sisters, this is not a new thing, it is still happening in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, and I have hope that one day our time will come!



    Good to see you, Bess. I hope you and yours are doing okay.

    Hearing about the Bolivians, I fear for them. I had a friend in LA who was a talented young man from Guatamala. He said that one day, during registration at his college, with all the students standing in line to register, the goons rode through and mowed them all down with machine guns. They’d been getting too radical. He was only alive because he had stayed home that day. He was a very unhappy person, trying to be a musician, but with too many demons to accomplish much.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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